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Today I . . .

  • paid my children $1 each to wash the walls of my filthy, dusty bedroom.
  • enjoyed the echoing sounds of my children working toward a common goal in my empty bedroom.
  • kept my promise to NOT work in the bedroom on this, the last day of spring break.
  • cut six inches off of my daughter's beautiful, long hair.
  • took my kids swimming for the second time this year.  (Life in Arizona . . . )
  • ate a plate of yummy pasta with homemade alfredo sauce that is still sitting in my stomach like a ton of bricks. 
  • worried about the future for just one fleeting second as Brent worked his last day at his current job, then said a prayer and cheerfully moved on because, after all, worrying is a waste of energy. (And I have precious little to spare these days.)
  • wouldn't change one single thing about my life.  (Except maybe the speed at which I digest heavy pasta, but that's inconsequential, really.)


  1. It's amazing what kids will do for a buck. Smart move, mama. And best of luck to Brent in the new job search. He will find something great! Oh, and I've had homemade alfredo sauce before. You're right--heavy but YUM!!

  2. Definitely good luck to Brent on the job hunt... And I can't wait to see how your room turns out :-)


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