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Since When?

Since when did they start putting braces on babies?  What's that you say?  My eight year old ISN'T a baby?  And it's pretty standard practice to start phase 1 braces about now if a child's teeth are one and a half times as wide as the average child's teeth and there's not enough room in his mouth for the rest of his adult teeth to descend?  Really?  Then I'll pick my jaw up off the floor now.  I mean, I knew this was coming . . .
. . . but so soon?  Oy!  Let's hope Brent's next job has a good dental plan.


  1. That does seem early. I was surprised when Kennedy had phase 1 in 4th grade, but 2nd grade?!

    Cute picture of Dylan, by the way. :D

  2. u know i luv u rite? i always will! sorry i felt like i needed to say that.


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