My 3 Monsters: Happy "Embrace your Geekiness" Day!!

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Happy "Embrace your Geekiness" Day!!

Who knew there was such a things as this?!  But Google doesn't lie, so, yeah.  Have a good one.  Maybe, if you're like me, you assume geek,nerd, and dork are all interchangeable terms for the same type of person.  But, like me, you'd be wrong.  What better day, then, for us all to enlighten ourselves about how to tell the difference between Geeks and Nerds?  And what better source for just such enlightenment than Wikipedia?  Have a great day, my geeky friends.

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  1. haha - next to "leave a zucchini on your neighbor's front porch" day and "talk like a pirate" day - this is one of my favorite holidays! I'm celebrating by blogging my brains out :) (oh wait, I did that yesterday too...)


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