My 3 Monsters: Happy Fourth of July?

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Happy Fourth of July?

My kids think this is the worst year ever.  Eh-Ver!  The fourth of July was on Sunday.  Halloween is on Sunday. The sky may as well be falling.  This detail might go unnoticed by many children, but to my children who aren't allowed to swim on Sunday -- or Trick-or-Treat -- it is a great big deal.  Now, before you pin my "Meanest Mom in America Award" on my chest, allow me to explain.  We're kind of strict about Sabbath activities around these parts.  We have been for years. It's no surprise to my children.  And I figure this scenario is going to happen maybe twice in their entire childhood experience.  It's more important to me to set a consistent example for them, rather than adapting our family values according to convenience.  OK, now I will accept that award.  And step off of the soap box. 

I tell you these things ONLY to explain how I attempted to compensate for my children's perceived loss yesterday.  Not to pat my self on the back, but {pat,pat} I made the most delicious pizookies last night.  Sugar cookie -- hot and buttery and still a little gooey -- with raspberries and blueberries and melting vanilla ice cream up top.  To. Die. For!!  And they each got their very own pan of warm, melty goodness. I wanted to take a photo because they were so pretty and patriotic, but they were gone almost instantly.  

(And, just so you know, we did go out to watch fireworks as a family.  And I let the kids run through the sprinklers that turned on in the park while we were waiting.  Whatever.  It's really, really hot here. Even at night.)

(Also, my kids will have at least two opportunities to dress up in their costumes and collect candy prior to Halloween so, like, don't feel so sorry for them.)

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  1. We are just as strict at our house with what is okay and not okay on the Sabbath.

    The funny thing is that for all the complaining they did each time this happened...the next time it happened my kids always ask, "how come we have never had Halloween on a Sunday before?" My kids are spaced out so it has happened several times with our crew...(the oldes and youngest are 12 years apart)...
    Have fun with the ooey gooey dessert...only for 4th of July that falls on Sunday...they will look forward to the EXTRA special Sunday holidays.


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