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A Memo to My Immediate Family:

Re.  Bill Paying Day Protocol

Dear family,

When it is bill paying day (ie. around the first and fifteenth of each month), please keep your distance.  You will know it is bill paying day by noting the following signs:
  1. I WILL be sitting at the computer for an extended length of time and you will NOT see cute and fun blogs on the screen.  
  2. I WILL holler several times for you to bring me things (ie. my checkbook, my wallet, and my anxiety pills).
  3. I WILL be taking Tylenol. 
  4. I WILL NOT be smiling.
 On bill paying day, please observe the following rules:
  1. DO NOT ask if I am almost done so you can use the computer.  At any point. I am not done.  You will know when I am done.
  2. DO NOT play hide-and-seek in my "office" (ie. my bedroom).
  3. DO NOT ask me to take you somewhere and then cry about how we never go anywhere.  I feel no sympathy on bill paying day.  You should already be aware of this.
  4. If you are approaching me with anything other than an ice-cold Coke, do so with caution.
  5. If you have been at work all day and missed the joy of bill paying day, you SHOULD enter the home in the evening with a peace offering (ie. an ice-cold Coke) and expect your children to be extra needy for attention.
 By showing extra diligence in observing this protocol, we can hopefully avoid any more days like yesterday.  Thank you for your attention in this matter.

The Mom
CFO, Gregson Family


  1. LOL - haha Amy - I need to so print this out and hang it up...oh so very true!

    Love your posts like these =)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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