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One of the Few Things I Love About Facebook

I'm not a super big Facebook fan.  I rarely go on there.  I write this blog.  I read other blogs.  That's what I do to stay connected.  But I LOVE the e-mail I get from Facebook once a week or so reminding me of my friends who are having birthdays.  Sometimes I need a reminder, and let's face it, the older we get the less likely we are to remind people we have ANOTHER birthday approaching.  Yesterday when i checked my e-mail and found a ton of birthday messages that people had left on my Facebook wall, I was thrilled.  It's just nice to be remembered.  I'm simple like that.

It's also super nice to have your husband stay home from work, entertain the children all morning, get you some yummy breakfast when you drag yourself out of bed at 9:00 to grace the family with your presence, and THEN spend the next several hours doing all the yucky household chores that you have been putting off for months.  The ledges and ceiling fans in my living room are finally dusted.  That may well be the best birthday present I've ever got.

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