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 Windows are too hard to photograph.  Really my house if bright and airy -- absolutely full of light.  We have seven huge windows in a 700 square foot area.  These pictures make it look awfully dark.  Boo.  But you get the idea.  I'm really liking the super-simple window treatments.  I was feeling like my house was looking so cluttered and chaotic, but by paring down the accessories and adding curtains that don't draw attention to themselves it feels so calm.  Visually calm, that is.  Things are still pretty chaotic around here, but at least my home decor isn't pushing it all over the top.
 Love this yellow plaid fabric!!!  $3 a yard!!
This is my project du jour.  I picked this old dresser up a while back for $10 at a thrift store. Brent sanded it down and I'm painting it the same antiqued Mermaid blue (turquoise) as the coffee table and adding cool knobs -- glass, I think. I'm also beefing up the moulding and adding a new top.  This will sit in the dining room (right behind our front door) and serve as a catch-all for homework, library books, insulin pump supplies and various and sundry personal effects that don't really have a home of their own.  Each child will have a drawer for their shtuff and I will use the top two drawers for the medical supplies.  It's taller and thinner than the dresser we are currently using so the dining area will feel more open (in theory).  It also has more drawers so we won't end up with so much junk piled on top (again, in theory).  So, theoretically, our home will feel even more calm.  Yeah, right!  A mom can dream, though.

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