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Happy Halloween!!

Wait, what?  We've moved on?  I'm supposed to be thinking Christmas now?  Well, my kids were cute last weekend and, even though I didn't have batteries in my camera (what a loser!), we still got these great pictures at Trunk-or-Treat Saturday.
 Sydney invited her bestie Leah to enjoy the evening's festivities since we were SO MEAN and wouldn't let them go Trick or Treating Sunday.
 Doesn't Riley look gangsta?  He's thrilled to be in the picture with the girls.
Dylan was just going to wear that dollar-store chest plate and sword over his regular clothes.  In fact he did Friday night at the school's Pumpkin Walk, but it killed me that he didn't want a real costume. Brent and I suggested that he be a gladiator.  He didn't know what that was so we google-imaged a few photos from the movie Gladiator for him.  He was instantly on board even though it meant wearing a dress -- oh, tunic.  He would NOT wear sandals, though.  That was just too far over the line of masculinity for him.  Anyway . . . I whipped this ensemble up Saturday morning out of fabric scraps and he LOVED it.  But guess what he told folks when they asked what he was supposed to be (which, really, is a stupid question -- is gladiator not obvious?  I'm insulted.).  Russell Crowe.  That is what he told EVERYONE Saturday night.  "I'm Russell Crowe."  Nice.

Brent and I set up a "Fine Dining Experience" for people to enjoy as they trunk-or-treated.  We had a lovely table set with a white tablecloth and silver platters . . . of bugs.  White and Milk chocolate covered crickets and meal worms.  Crispy sour cream and onion crickets.  Tasty bacon and cheddar crickets.  Barbeque meal worms.  Delish!  We made the kids eat a bug before they got candy from us.  It was awesome.  And very popular.  Several of the older kids told us they didn't need our candy that bad, but most people who came by tried one just for the experience.  I will admit to eating a bbq meal worm with one of my young women.  'Cus I'm cool like that.  Whatever. 

It was super fun.  And now I can think about Christmas -- I'm always just a few days behind it seems.


  1. laughing harder than I should be over "russell crowe" - classic!!!

  2. those chocolate crickets=super yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want another one:-)))


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