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I Need Some "Mural" Support

Hardy har har!  I just crack myself up sometimes!  I have a new mural project coming up and I want to bounce some ideas off of you, my cyber friends.  This will be one of the few projects that I will be doing in an adult-oriented setting.  Not my forte.  If you paint like a child, you should paint for children.  That has been my business model so far, but this time I've been invited to sit at the grown-up table and I'm feeling a little intimidated.  I'm going to show you some of my ideas and I want some honest feedback.  A few things to know in advance:
  1. This wall is probably about 12 feet tall and 60-ish feet long.
  2. I don't do faux finishes.  I hate them.
  3. For each of these ideas I am suggesting using ONE color in a flat finish for the background and THE SAME COLOR in a gloss finish for the graphic design.  So, while they may be busy-looking on paper, they would actually be much more subtle in real life.
  4. I cry at the drop of a hat lately.  I'm just sayin'.  Be kind with your honesty.
Here they are:

(That last option has all the letters for the name of the business in each 4 foot square -- not just random letters.).  I'm not going to tell you which one is my favorite, but I'd love to hear which one is yours.  Think of it as a game!  Yeah, that's it.  A game.  I'll keep telling myself that.


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

--OR-- Good Things are Almost Lost By Those Who Wait.

It's a glass half-empty/ glass half-full scenario, really.  Remember those quilts for my boys' room that the love of my life was on the fence about, but that I was totally convinced were an absolute necessity and had vowed in my mind to purchase, but hadn't told him about that yet?  The ones that were on clearance?  Well, guess which blankets were marked down another 50% today when we ran to Target to pick up a birthday present for one of D's friends?  THE VERY ONES!!!!  $80 quilts for $19.99!!!  And they just so perfectly had two (and only two) left.  TWIN SIZE!!!!  As if by some divine providence they had been set aside just for me. Boo-freakin'-Ya, baby!  Mad props to the hubby for making me wait.  The mural on the floor (a first for me) looks awesome.  I'm caulking and painting the baseboards today and, if all goes well, I'll post photos by the weekend.  Isn't today just a perfectly lovely day?!


Here's the Plan, Stan

Of course I'll have to change the logo on the floor to R & D.  How perfect?!  Opinions anyone?


Here We Go Again

Spurred on in equal parts by the success of our master bedroom reno and Brent's continued lack of a place to go from 9 to 5, the demolition bug has bitten us again.  Today our kids' bedrooms fell victim to our overuse of carpet-removal-as-stress-relief.  We stripped Sis's room down to the plywood, with the boys' room to follow on Thursday.  No, we still aren't ready to put in new carpet just yet.  And no, the burlap is not going to make another appearance, but we did consider that option.  I love repeating an element to tie the whole together, but not this time.  No.  We are painting the floors.  Right on the plywood.  Yep.  Add painted plywood to the list of unconventional flooring in our home.  It's OK because we are not planning to sell our home anytime soon.  Or ever, if I have my druthers.  It's going to be lovely -- all antiqued and vintage looking.  A chocolate brown and cream checkerboard on the diagonal for Sis and a stenciled custom industrial  logo on a cement-colored background for the boys to go with the faux brick wall I painted a while back.  The denim-blue walls will also go cement gray and we will add some pipes across the ceiling (as drapery hardware) to add to the industrial, vintage factory vibe.  I also found some too-cool gray and white ticking stripe quilts on clearance at Target that would be perfect with the red, white, and gray vintage look I'm going for.  Brent is on the fence about whether or not the quilts are a necessity.  I know that they are.  And the painted floors are going to cost next to nothing, right . . .   The fun just never ends around here, folks.

EDITED TO ADD:  I also want one of these to replace my boys' closet doors.  How cool would it be to have a garage door in your bedroom?!  At $260, Brent is no where near the fence about the necessity of this bad boy.  Donations will gladly be accepted.


Still Being Such a Tease in the Bedroom!

So, there it is.  My burlap floor.  I am loving it!   It is fresh and clean-looking, unlike the carpet that went before it.  It is rustic and different, also unlike the carpet that went before it.  I promise to post pictures of the whole room soon.  I've hesitated because I haven't put the finishing touches on it yet.  Actually, we haven't really even moved back in yet.  I mean we are sleeping here.  And loving it.  Loving the uncluttered bookcases so much that we still have boxes of our personal effects in the garage.  So it may be a while before it is really "finished" in an interior designer kind of way.  Maybe I'll post some "coming along nicely" pics instead.  I would love to know what you all think.


A Business Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up

When we were in Las Vegas at my sister's house this weekend I saw that she had begun a little business venture to earn some extra cash.  Just a little something where she can be her own boss . . . make her own hours . . . live the dream.  And I wanted a piece of it.  So yesterday we opened our own franchise here in the East Valley.  Everyone got a complimentary deep clean of their bed and bathroom as a grand opening special.  Now I sit back and rake in the dough.  No more will we argue about getting chores done on a schedule.  No sir.  The chores will get done.  The only question now is this: which is more valuable to my kids -- time or money?  I'm happy to do all the work.  They will simply learn that there's no such thing in life as a free lunch.  (Of course, all my business profits will be used toward fun family activities. I'm capitalistic, not heartless, after all.)


A Good Hearty (Wholesome) Laugh

My kids and I have loved these books for years.  They are some of my favorites.  So thoroughly entertaining.  If you have not seen the movie yet, GO!  Go now.  Seriously.  Take your kids if you want -- if they've been extra good or you're feeling kind.  They'll like it, but what I'm saying here, adult friends o' mine, is see this movie.  Brent and I laughed. Out loud. So hard I almost wet myself.  It's not super often anymore that a movie comes out that is just pure, unadulterated lighthearted entertainment.  That's not moronic or preachy.  That doesn't have "just that one part" that makes you cringe as a parent. 

I was disappointed tonight that the theater was not packed.  It was just my little family and two others.  We only filled a row's worth of seats.  If no one goes to see the witty, clever movies like this one we (and by we, I mean I) will be stuck watching rodent infested animated musicals with aliens in 3D.  And I'm sick to death of those movies.  Sick. To. Death.  Please see this movie.  For me . . .   (OK, fine.  At least read the books, though.) 


I Need a Day

A day to just catch up.  Is life really moving double time lately, or is it just me?  I can't seem to get my feet firmly planted under me anymore.  I don't have time to see one task through to completion before I'm at least a day late on another.  I can't be visiting teacher, school dance volunteer coordinator, girl's camp director, young women's secretary, unofficial activities committee co-chair, sewing teacher, interior designer, bread baker, wife, mother, friend, daily bather, and blogger all at once like I used to.  Just.  Can't.  Do.  It.  Not that I'm complaining.  Again.  At least this time I didn't have the wrong date printed on any important invitations I volunteered to make.  Yet.  I really need this weekend with my (almost) whole family in Vegas for my nephew's baptism.  I'm so looking forward to putting a pin in all those other responsibilities and just being daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mom for a day or two.  Bliss complete.

Also, look at this super cute sweater I got for only $10 online today from Downeast Basics:
 70% off, baby!  Let's hope it's as cute in my actual size as it is in extra-small on that model. ;D  Oh, by the way Brent, I bought a sweater today for $10.  70% off.  Yay . . .


Why Is It . . .

. . . that I would feel TOTALLY at peace when my husband got laid off, but have a panic attack yesterday when the realization sunk in that he may actually get this job for which he is having his third interview tomorrow?  This job that he would love and would save us from financial ruin.  Which would inevitably be the result of him NOT getting a job pretty soon.  Am I losing my mind?!  It has just been so nice to have someone home to keep me company during the day.  Someone more adult-like than my children who occasionally stay home.  Someone to share all those buy-one-get-one-free lunch deals with.  Someone to watch the SyFy channel with . . . something I have never done before this particular two week era and will surely never do on my own.  I have faith that things will happen as they should.  I have my family's best interest at heart.  But I wish this time hadn't really gone by so fast.


This is What Happens When Daddy is "Between Jobs"

Idle hands are the devil's playthings.  Isn't that what "they" say?  Brent and I have been having a pretty good time these past two weeks. Between his job searching and our bedroom renovation, that is.  We are adults here.  Or we've at least fooled many people into thinking so.  But the two of us together, round the clock, has a funny effect on us.  We get a little . . . punchy.  A little giddy.  Slap happy.  Creative, says I.  Stupid silly, says anyone on the outside looking in.  Last Saturday we made Spaghetti Tacos for dinner.  Any iCarly fans out there?  I made more of a southwest chili spaghetti and it was actually quite delicious, though frivolously heavy on the carbs.

We also took immense pleasure this past week in pranking our children.  It was April Fool's Day after all.   At breakfast we served them "juice" which was really solid jello and put blue food coloring in the bottom of their cereal bowls so that when they poured the milk in they got a magical surprise.  Riley particularly enjoyed the juice prank, saying with a giggle, "I really wanted that juice.  I mean, I LIKE juice".  But it was early and we were just warming up.  For lunch, we opened up their single serving bags of chips the night before and carefully replaced them with another type of chip and then resealed them. I just wish I could have seen Sis's face when she tore into her bag of Doritos and found  Lay's instead!  Then for dinner, after assuring them that I was all pranked out, I made a "pie" that was really meatloaf frosted with pink mashed potatoes and " grilled cheese sandwiches"  that we're really poundcake and frosting.  (All ideas stolen from  It was good, good, childish fun.  Much better than the year I parked the van up the street and locked the door and hid in the kitchen so the kids would think they were locked out after school.  Or the year we told them they had to get shots before we could go to California for Aunt Kelly's wedding and loaded them all, sobbing, into the van and drove them to McDonalds instead.  I'm not kidding.  This year's pranks went over a lot better than those other ones.  Really.

Don't you judge us, mature friends out there.  Marjory Hinckley did say, "The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it.  You either have to laugh or cry.  I prefer to laugh.  Crying gives me a headache."


Since When?

Since when did they start putting braces on babies?  What's that you say?  My eight year old ISN'T a baby?  And it's pretty standard practice to start phase 1 braces about now if a child's teeth are one and a half times as wide as the average child's teeth and there's not enough room in his mouth for the rest of his adult teeth to descend?  Really?  Then I'll pick my jaw up off the floor now.  I mean, I knew this was coming . . .
. . . but so soon?  Oy!  Let's hope Brent's next job has a good dental plan.

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