My 3 Monsters: Valentine Onesies
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Valentine Onesies

I have a knack for ruining really cool projects lately-- like smearing my frosted mirrored doors {see below}or smearing the wet paint on one of  my favorite onesies of all time.  Whatever.  I'll remake that one, but these others are pretty stinkin' sweet, too.

I found a bunch of really cute baby legwarmers {name-brand -- holla!}at the dollar store a while back and thought they would be perfect for some long-sleeved layered-look onesies.  I just cut each legwarmer in half and sewed the raw edges underneath the hem of each sleeve with a long zigzag stitch.  Soooo easy! Why, WHY, didn't I know how to do fun stuff when I actually HAD a baby at home?! 

The one I ruined was similar to the pink one up top, but it said LOVE in black and bug in cute pink script. It was precious.  Until I forgot it was there and put my hand down in the wet pink paint.  Ay-yi-yi. Dumb.



  1. LOVE THESE! You do some amazing stuff girlfriend :)

  2. HOLY STINKIN CUTE! I just found your YW headbands on etsy! LOVE THEM!!! Totally wish I was a YW...

  3. Amy these are adorable! I love the sign language one. How clever to use leg warmers for the sleeves - so creative! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase; I greatly appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I'll be featuring this today. ~ Stephanie Lynn


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