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What is "Real", Really?

I taught another class for another ward's Relief Society meeting last week about writing personal histories, hence the quotes in the last post.  Keeping a personal history is something I feel pretty strongly about.  It's one of the reasons this-here blog even exists.  When I teach that personal history class I always encourage people to be honest about what is going on their life.  No one wants to read a sugar-coated version of our life story.  At least I don't.  When I read other people's blogs {or whatever} and it's all candy and sunshine I KNOW that they aren't telling the whole truth.  No one has only good days.  On the other hand , I also hate to read blogs in which the whole story is fish-guts and storm clouds.  That's not entirely real either.  There IS beauty in the most common of days.  And you simply HAVE to recognize the Lord's hand in your life, even on your darkest days.  You MUST look for the lessons and the opportunities for growth in the midst of any experience.  And you're ever-so ungrateful if you don't write about those things, too.  What good is your life story for future generations if you make it seem like it was an uninterrupted stream of excitement and success with never a dull moment or struggle?  If you don't teach your children and your children's children how to survive under the crushing weight of mortal disappointments and trials?  If you leave nothing by way of advice or encouragement?

The trick is to find the balance.  To live life, and write about it, with the right perspective.  I wish I had that gift.  I have written several posts in the past few weeks and saved them as drafts instead of publishing them.  I'm just having a hard time expressing the "real" version of life right now. I think I'm a pretty positive person, but things have been pretty gritty around here lately.  We're struggling to make ends meet, as so many people are now days.   We're cutting back and making changes which are at once liberating and painful.  My emotions are a constant jumble of joy and sorrow and frustration and gratitude and peace and worry and regret and hope. Most of the time I feel like I am either going to laugh hysterically or burst into tears, and even I don't know which.  Heaven help my family . . .   I WILL publish those posts {maybe after Girls Camp this weekend - it's impossible to have perspective about ANYTHING the week before Girls Camp}, I just wanted to warn y'all.  You think you know what real is, but you have no idea . . .


  1. OOOOH AMY! We definitely need to get together!!! Your blogs say so much of what I want to say. Jon just lost his job...right after we moved into a house...GRITTY is the PERFECT word. In my blog I posted that sometimes I really have a hard time figuring out how this is a blessing and what I am supposed to learn from it. All I can do is stay positive and try our hardest to do our best! We really should get together even if it's just a BBQ or something, play some bored games and bring some smiles to our grit filled situations. I really do love and relate to your blogs...I come back to read everyday! :) I need your email address. Email it to Jon on FB so I can invite you to my blog! Hang in there!!!

  2. If it helps to commiserate, the 'real' Robbie right now just finished his coursework at byu but can't graduate because he can't find anyone willing to give him an internship. I really appreciate everything you post on your blog Amy, especially the 'real' stuff. I love your whole family!

  3. Anonymous24 May, 2011

    Amy - you have no idea how great your influence is with so many people - including me! Your solutions to your challenges inspire me. How blessed you are to be in Young Women's while your daughter is there! I can't wait to hear about your camp experiences. I'm just saying that whatever you go through, you manage to help us all. Hang in there!

  4. I was in the Enrichment class you taught last week. It was very worth while and I agree with you about the reality thing. I always enjoy your perspectives!


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