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This is where we live.Isn't it lovely, what with the overgrown tree and dead grass?  Hey, I know you're jealous.  Don't hate the playah, hate the game, baby.  Anyway, this is what our house looked like shortly after we bought it.  We've made a few minor improvements since then and nature {or my lack of a green thumb} has made some changes as well.  Those would not be considered improvements -- not by you or me or the HOA board, any of us.  But we are not without dreams for this little home of ours.  I got bored last night and started fiddling with this picture in Photoshop.  Here is what our humble abode could, and hopefully will, become with a lotta' lovin':
A new garage door and front gate, some shutters and paint, a little landscaping . . . Totally do-able, yeah?  Donations to the "Pretty House Fund" are welcomed.  Maybe someday . . .

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