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{So Much Sorrow}

This horrible tragedy is what my kids and their friends heard about first thing when they arrived at school today.  Sis sat next to this boy in math class.  I asked her if she knew him well.  "Well enough to be sad," was her response.  I never met this kid and I know him well enough to be sad at this terrible loss.  Life can be hard,  but there is always, ALWAYS something to live for.  Our struggles, as painful as they seem, are but a moment in the grand scheme of things.  My young friends, turn on "the Light" and hang on.  This, too, shall pass.


  1. There is so much inside this act. The fact that it was done at school shows the terrible hurt that he felt. I can not even begin to understand.
    I can only hope that I can be a line of communication and help to those youth that I know. Life isn't always bad - the hills and valleys are normal...
    My prayers are with the family and students who have felt the affects of this tragedy.
    Squeeze that Syd for me!

  2. K was good friends with his brother. My heart breaks for his family. I can't even imagine the pain of his sweet mom and dad.


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