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Everything in Moderation

Who knew this blog would become so very controversial?!  Throwing caution to the wind last week, I broached the subject of housekeeping {oh, how I love to get people's blood boiling!} and inadvertently insulted womankind with my stereotypical take on things.  OK, I really only "insulted" one person, who clearly hadn't read the post, but my family has been teasing me about it for the past couple of days.  I found the image above on Pinterest this morning, which paints a pretty accurate picture of how things would go down in our house if my husband expected me to slave over him.  
 Choosing to dote on my family = fun for me.
Being expected to slave over my family = certain peril for them.

Just so we're very clear.  Thanks!


  1. Bahaha! That picture is funny. :) And it is always funny when people comment without actually reading the whole post. I agree though if my husband ever sounds like he expects me to do something it is not good! Luckily that doesn't happen often!

  2. I found your chore chart via pinterest, and just read the post to go with it today. I love your blog and your sense of humor:) (so much that I'm blog stalking you now) :)

  3. Girl, I read your housekeeping posted ( via pinterest of course!) and LOVED your simple, guilt free approach to house work! I didn't read the comments until today tho, and I chuckled at that comment. ( honestly...I secretly wonder if she is anti- Mormon, an THAT is what actually has her panties in a knot!) in anycase, you answered it well, and I know u helped way more women then even commented on ur post with ur very practical view of housework! So thanks for broaching such a "controversial" issue :)

  4. I adore your blog. Its always so entertaining, hilarious, heart felt and inspirational. Not to mention your creative side never seizes to amaze me! Don't let anyone's comments get u down. Keep up the awesome posts!


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