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Planning Ahead

I'm determined to get things done in a timely fashion this holiday season.  Determined, I tell you.  I know it's not even Halloween yet.  My husband thought I was a lunatic when he saw what I was working on the other night.  That's alright.  I really, really want to have another Christmas like we had two years ago where we gave our kids the gift of time -- among many other tangible things.  We spent the entire week before Christmas going on field trips every day.  We got free passes from the library and visited museums. We rode the Light Rail downtown and ate at our kids' favorite Thai restaurant.   We played games at home in the evening.  I got all the holiday "chores" done early so we could just relax and experience the holiday.  It. Was. Heavenly.  So I'm doing it again!  What was I working on the other night?  Our family Christmas card.  In September?!  Sheer lunacy!  I have a couple of options {because when you do things early you can do that instead of slapping something together in ten minutes -- who knew?!} I wanted to try something different this year so the first one is a trifold card.  The quote from Elf would be on the front flap and the music would be on the inside flap and wrap around to the back.  On the opposite side {the inside of the card when it's opened up}I will put a family photo on one panel and a very brief Christmas letter on the other two panels.  I think this is the one I'm going to use.  Maybe . . .
But I really love this other one, too.  I love the gray polka dots and the non-traditional shades of red and green.  It's an accordion fold design.  I'd probably put a family photo in the white square and hand-write a personal greeting in the red square.  The back side would have our family Christmas letter.

Both are sized to be printed as business flyers from UPrinting, which may seem weird, but is a super affordable option.  I wouldn't mind at all if anyone else wants to use these templates.  {I'm totally OK if you think they're ugly and would never use them, too.  :P  To each their own, right?!} Just click on the images to enlarge to full size and download.   If you're interested in the specs for ordering let me know.


  1. I LOVE the second one! In fact, if you are really okay with it I might just use it. That is if Race and I actually send out Christmas cards. Did you do that before you had kids? I guess it'd be kinda fun if I were announcing something. But alas, I am not...yet! Haha.

  2. I would love for someone to use them, Emma! I can't remember if we sent out cards before kids -- it was a really long time ago!

  3. Cards are a MUST - kids or no kids! :) BOTH of these cards are A-Dor-ABle! LOVE THEM! Hopefully, I am on that list :)


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