My 3 Monsters: Day 10: Bleach Stencil Tees

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Day 10: Bleach Stencil Tees

First and foremost today, Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends and family!!  We had our Canadian Thanksgiving "feast" Friday night when the missionaries from church came over to eat.  And by "feast" I mean turkey breast cooked in the crock pot, Stove Top stuffing, instant potatoes, and Sara Lee frozen pie.  Can an American woman be expected to cook Thanksgiving dinner from scratch on a random Monday {or Friday}in October?!  I barely get it together in November when the whole country stops for a day to roast Turkey in unison.  Anyway,  we decided to put a Canadian spin on today's project, just for funsies.

This project, Bleach Stencil Tee Shirts, comes from Under the Sycamore and looks like so much fun.  She gave her kids water guns filled with bleach and let the boys go crazy on their shirts.  I wish  I was a fun mom like that, but my anxiety pills don't work quite that well.  And I'm a bit OCD.  And a control freak.  So my guys got to pick their design and I sprayed the bleach in a completely controlled environment.  Like I like it.  And, for the record, my kids didn't even know about the bleach gun thing {until now} so they didn't know what they were missing.  And they were super excited about the result.
Or something.  Getting a nice, "normal" picture of these hooligans is like pulling teeth.  I like how ours turned out.  A lot.  But the rougher look of the inspiration tee-shirts is fun, too.  Maybe we'll revisit this project this summer . . . with water guns . . . and Xanax.

My kids are home all this week for fall break so tomorrow Sis and I will share our Lush-style bath bombs with you.  Have a great day!


  1. These turned out so cute! I have to admit I was a bit scared of reading the other post...I pictured kids with squirt guns spraying bleach while the shirts were ON them - lol. DUH...

  2. I saw these on Pinterest recently and tried it out... let's just say that yours are SOOOOO much cuter. pictures of mine will never see the light of day.

    and the squirt gun idea just scares the b'whoozit outta me... call me neurotic, but I'm just not that confident in my kids' ability to shoot away from themselves.

  3. Yesterday in the line at Target, when i asked if you had ever made bleach t-shirts? It was kind of you not to say "Duh!" to me.

  4. These are flippin adorable. If only I could trust my cub scouts with bleach in squirt guns. (it won't ever happen)

    I'm totally going to make these with my teenagers. The boys will love them! (and they can handle the squirt guns)


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