My 3 Monsters: Day 12: Pillowcase Skirt

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Day 12: Pillowcase Skirt

I'm a sucker for projects that repurpose things I have around the house.  Or things I can buy cheaply at the thrift store that end up looking like a million bucks.  I couldn't pin this project fast enough when I saw it.  A skirt out of a pillowcase?  Ummm, yes.  I loved this tutorial from The Greenista, but I altered mine just a bit.  I couldn't really figure out what they were saying about the ribbon at the waist band and not having to sew anything.  Maybe it's just me . . .  I cut my pillowcase down to the length I wanted plus an inch or so and just sewed a casing at the top to thread some elastic through.

Wish as I might, I'm pretty sure my particular mid-section will not fit into a pillowcase. Not that I've tried, I'm just pretty good at estimating stuff like that.  Whatever.  I found a beautiful gray floral pillowcase at Goodwill and thought I would whip one up for my daughter.  

I really do appreciate you all stopping by every day.  Come back tomorrow for a homemade chalk board paint project.


  1. Adorable skirt! I would love to win it. Even if it doesn't fit me I'm sure I could find someone who would look adorable in it! :) emsmilesss at gmail dot com.

  2. What a great idea! I'm not entering (a pillowcase probably wouldn't fit around my leg...) but wanted to see what you were up to today. Taht is so cute. I'm thinking of making a couple of smaller pillows out of a couple pillowcases I like. Enjoying your series!

  3. I'd have to sew 3-4 pillow cases together to fit - but man is that cute!
    I'll opt out of the drawing - the boys won't wear one, regardless of how hard I try.
    I am having a blast following your 31 days! TONS of great ideas!

  4. Oh, that's cute ... my daughters would love to wear it. Of course, if I win, they might fight over it, in which case I'll have to copy you and make a second pillowcase skirt so they can each have one LOL! Loving your 31 days!

  5. Love the ideas! So excited to find you on Pinterest and I have three daughters who would <3 that skirt. :)

  6. With 3 girls I am sure it would be well loved and adored. Also love your blog :)


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