My 3 Monsters: Day 26: T-shirt Bracelet

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Day 26: T-shirt Bracelet

One of the few problems I have with Pinterest is that you can't always trust that the description underneath the picture is an accurate one.  I'm guilty of this -- I use that section as a kind of notebook to write where I would use that idea, what I would use it for, how I would adapt it, etc.  Unless you click the link and read the actual post, you can't be exactly sure what you are getting yourself into.  That is what happened with today's inspiration project.

The description said "t-shirt bracelets" and I thought, "yes, please".  But when I actually went to The Pink and Blue Blog and tracked down the post it turned out to be a necklace project.  My gut reaction was, "no, thank you".  I don't know why a bracelet was cool and a necklace was  . . . not . . . to me.  The necklace was adorable on Melissa, the original author of the idea at I Still Love You.  It just didn't seem very "me".  So I adapted the project and made a bracelet.  To do that you'll follow the necklace tutorial, except you only need one braid long enough to wrap three times around your wrist.  Where the necklace really packed a punch in its simplicity, at this point the bracelet was looking a little sad to me.  I used the rest of the t-shirt and made a flower.

Vastly improved, I think.  I also really like that the flower is just tied on there with a bow so I can remove it and use it elsewhere -- tied on a ponytail or pinned on a sweater, for example.  I'll probably use it more that way than on the bracelet.  Just for kicks, I went ahead and made a two-braid version of the necklace and tied the flower on and I actually quite like it.  Who knew?!

 It is harder than you might think to take a picture of yourself in a mirror, without showing too much of your double chin and messy hair, and still have it be in focus.  That takes some major skills.  As I was making the bracelet, I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for teen-age girls.  Sis and I may have to make them for all of her friends.  I can see them really digging this idea.  {I'm so not cool. I just said "digging" in the way we said it back in the seventies and eighties.  Don't tell my kids.}Thanks for visiting today.  Check back tomorrow for a  cool {I hope} Christmas project!

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  1. I just the other day saved a shirt I would have otherwise thrown away (stains & such) so that I could make one of these. Can't wait to try it out!

  2. Love it! And I would totally say digging... I'm not sure if that makes me sound dumb or cool though? Haha.

  3. What about making headbands? Would it basically be the same as making the necklace or how would I do that? Thanks


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