My 3 Monsters: Day 5: Striped Ribbon Flowers & Tattered Flowers

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Day 5: Striped Ribbon Flowers & Tattered Flowers

I love fabric flowers. There's not much that I don't think would be vastly improved by the addition of a fabric or ribbon flower.  I must have pinned and bookmarked hundreds of different versions.  Here are a couple of my favorites that I've been wanting to try:

The first is a really great tutorial at Sew 4 Home, with pictures of every step.  It couldn't be easier to follow.  The second went to a site written in Spanish {But it is no longer available --  Boo}.  I swear I've seen it in English, but couldn't find it again.  There isn't a tutorial, in Spanish or otherwise, but the picture pretty much says it all -- pleat and pin, pleat and pin.  However, I'm thinking now that when you sew it by hand there's really no need to pin.  Just take a stitch every time you pleat.  Here are my versions:

Kinda' fun, huh?  Super easy and super free {if you're a ribbon hoarder like me}. Stop by again tomorrow for a great idea to deal with clutter in your home!


  1. I am in love with this blog challenge!

  2. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this post!!!! I'm another 31-dayer who is making rounds and "sew" glad I found your blog!!! Can't wait to follow you for 31 days and beyond! Please visit me at


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