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Christmas Printables {Freebies!}

I have a little 5x7 frame that sits on the corner of my desk that I decided to use to frame up my favorite quotes or sayings for every season.  I found a couple of quotes about Christmas that I absolutely fell in love with so I made a couple of printables I thought I'd share with you, my blog friends, it being the season of giving and all.  I can't decide which one to put in the frame:

I'm leaning toward the very first one, but the last one is really in the running, too.  I'm loving turquoise and red this Christmas.  Gah!  I just don't know which to choose.  Maybe I'll just have to get another frame at the dollar store so I can do both.  Merry Christmas, friends!



  1. Patti Painter23 July, 2013

    Just pinned these so that I can look them up closer to Christmas. They are all lovely and I hope which ever one you chose made you smile.
    Thanks for sharing and now off to look around your blog.


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