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Trifold Notebook Covers

Last weekend as I was blog-hopping I came a across an idea for which I could hardly contain my excitement.  Amy over at Ameroonie Designs shared a tutorial for some awesome Personal Progress Book Packets.  I knew instantly that I had to make them for all my Young Women.  All 21 of them.

Good thing they were easy!  And cheap -- each packet only uses 1 & 1/2 fat quarters of fabric.  Fat quarters happen to be on sale for $1 this week at Jo Ann so each one only cost $1.50!  I had all the ribbon and some thin quilt batting {which I used instead of the felt} in my stash, but if I had needed to purchase that they would have been about $2.00 each.  Not too shabby!  They were fun to make, too.  No two are exactly the same -- just like my young women!  As I was making these for the girls yesterday I thought I should make them for all the leaders, too.  They would be perfect for holding small notebooks or other things you may want to keep organized in your purse.  They could even be made to hold a Kindle by adjusting the measurement a little!

These are what my girls will getting for their birthdays this year -- except they'll all get them tonight at our IHOP Night for mutual.  What is IHOP Night?  I'm so glad you asked!  IHOP stands for Important Hour of Progress {in this context, anyway}.  We have a pancake dinner and then the girls all hunker down and work on their value experiences or projects.  The leaders are there to help, but it's a super great opportunity for the Laurels to help the younger girls and earn their Honor Bees in the process.  We try to have an IHOP Night every quarter, more or less.  Anyhoo . . .

Losing Personal Progress books and journals has been a big issue in our ward.  No one seems to have them . . . ever.  I'm hoping maybe this will help.  We've also been encouraging the girls to use the church's online program so I might make little card where they can record their log-in information to stick down in one of the pockets, too.
I know most girls don't have hope chests anymore, but I think this would be a cute way to store all their Personal Progress stuff once they've completed the program and earned their medallion .  That way they can tuck it away and share it with their daughters someday.  Am I dreaming?  Whatevs.  A couple of the girls came over and saw me working on the packets yesterday and got really excited about them, which makes all the work worthwhile in the end. Thanks a ton to Ameroonie Designs for the fabulous tutorial!  {I'm gonna' be a hero tonight because of you!}



  1. Those turned out great! Isn't it funny how there are different ways to make these Personal Progress holders? Here's my tutorial I shared back in January: Personal Progress Booklet Holder I like the cute flower embellishments you added to yours!

  2. Do you happen to sell these to the public? If so, how much would you request per cover?


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