My 3 Monsters: The Annual "Gettin' Ready for Girl's Camp" Meltdown
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The Annual "Gettin' Ready for Girl's Camp" Meltdown

I flatter myself to think that you wonder where I am when I don't post here for a few days.  Usually I'm working on something completely mundane like laundry or grocery shopping.  {Yes, those activities can take me days, plural.}  This time I've been putting some things together our church Girl's Camp that I've been working with for the past 7 years.  

I do it every year -- or should I say I OVERDO it every year -- getting ready for Girl's Camp.  I put it off and put it off, not because I don't want to do it but because I usually have so many things going on before camp, and then panic a little when I realize it's the eleventh hour.  My friend, Tammy, has waaaaayyyyy more to do for Girl's Camp than I do this year.  She's one of the stake camp directors AND she's moving to Chile almost as soon as we get back.  She's crazy hardworking like that.

We were chatting the other night about everything she's trying to get done and it is insane.  As we talked, my own panic started to build.  I needed to get to work!  I've now spent two nearly sleepless nights, but I have most things well in hand at this point.  I think.  

After Tammy left the other night I grabbed my planner and started scribbling down all my ideas.  I'm a visual thinker, but I do so love my lists.  Here's a glimpse into my inner madness:

The camp theme this year is "DestiNATION Camp Lo Mia".  Each individual group was assigned a country to represent.  We are Austria, obviously.  So I got on Pinterest and Google and started looking up any word that I {in my utter ignorance}could think of that was associated with Austria -- Alps, edelweiss, yodeling, lederhosen, etc. -- and started coming up with ideas.  

We always make matching pajama pants for all the girls and they need some kind of small costume or prop for the dance night and decorations for our cabin. I like to put a little treat or something on the girls' beds every evening that ties in with our theme, as well as plan a devotional for one of the nights we are there.  These are the things I look forward to doing all year long!

About 6 weeks ago the other camp leader for our group came up with the idea of having the girls make mini journals that look like passports.  I ran with that idea and came up with these covers:

I also worked on this sheet of "stamps" for their passports that we could give them for the individual requirements they pass off and activities they do at camp. 

I'm going to print those out on full-sheet mailing labels and cut them out.  Fun, huh?

Here are a couple of the hand-outs I made for the girls for devotionals and treats at camp:

I've made little felt flower hair clips that resemble edelweiss blossoms to clip onto these cards as a treat to leave on their beds.

This one will be attached to a bag of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses along with a letter from their family.

This cute little card will come with a pack of Yodels snack cakes.  {They're just like Ho-Ho's, but they only sell them on the east cost. I only know about them from watching the King of Queens.  If any of my blog friends back east want to ship me out a couple of boxes of Yodels so I don't have to pay Amazon's crazy mark-ups, I'd pay you and reward your efforts handsomely...}

I've also planned a cute little S'mores devotional that will be accompanied by some homemade s'mores-on-a-stick.

We'll also be making pillowcases that look like the Austrian flag and some sweet lederhosen out of ribbon and felt.  


Hopefully now I can sleep at night, with all those question marks taken care of.  I'm so excited now for Girl's Camp to just get here already!!  {Sorry I can't help you with any of your camp prep work, Tammy!  I'm here if you need me.}


  1. Love these ideas! Thanks for helping me come up with an awesome idea for the 100 year skit. Seriously the BEST IDEA EVER. Sorry to have unloaded on you and pushed you into crazyvile with me ;) We can camp there together.

    1. Tammy, can you share your 100 years camp skit with me, PLEASE? I came on here searching for something to get me going on that. Also... Amy is there a file for the s'mores handout we can download? Thanks so MUCH!!!

    2. Hi Bridget!

      The 100 years skit that Tammy wrote {and totally improved from my simple idea}was about a girl, Ebeneezy, who was grumpy about being at camp. She hated hiking and bugs and all that. In the night she was visited by the ghosts of Girls Camp past, present and future. It was more than a skit, really. When the ghost of Girls Camp past visited, she called some girls up on stage and they each had to act out {charades-style} an activity that was required for certification at the first Girls Camp. The ghost of Girls Camp present had a few girls come up and play some silly game that girls nowdays play and the ghost of Girls Camp future had a few more girls come up and play a "futuristic" game, like Jedi Mind Power {This activity challenges a group to say the letters of the alphabet in order without ever having two participants saying the same letter at the same time. Any sequence can be used; you may choose months, numbers or holidays instead.} In the end, Ebeneezy was convinced that Girls Camp really IS fun and has a good attitude about things. It was just silly and cute.

      The S'mores hand out can be downloaded right here from my blog. Just click on the image to make it full size then right click and save to your computer. It is sized for a 4x6 photo print. Good luck with your Girls Camp!!

    3. I would love a copy of your smores devotional if you wouldn't mind.

  2. You just lit the much-needed fire to get me going, I needed that!! Thanks for coming tonight to the fundraiser. I never got a chance to say hi. We really appreciate you guys!

  3. Would love to get a copy of your s'mores devotional if you have one!

  4. What font did you use for the smore's deviotional it's wonderful!? I would love to borrow it if I may but i'd like to customize it for our ward's theme.

    Thanks so much.

    1. The font is called Dead Hardy and you can download it here:

      It is one of my all-time favorites! Customize away!!

  5. Such cute ideas, I love it, it is going to be awesome! so excited to hear all about it :) I just did a post on Smores in May- and I love your hand out and using it for a devotional. I love girls camp, check out my blog at I like you go to the web for ideas or even just to kick my brain into gear, and pintrest has been awesome.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Like you, I have been in girls camp craziness. We just got back. Looking forward to next year! What is wrong with us? Love your s'mores handout but I want to use it for a family home evening, surprisingly enough. Would you mind sending the file to Good Luck with next year's camp!

  7. Can you tell my how you made your stamps? We are doing an amazing race theme this year and I wanted make some stamps. Did you buy the shapes and then customize them? Thanks!

  8. First time camp director!!! HELP!
    I would love to see your S'mores devotional. Thanks so much for posting your amazing ideas!

  9. Would love the template you used for the passport stickers, how were you able to type ito them? Your ideas are awesome. Would you mind sending to

    I think all leaders stay up preparing for girls camp, its what we do, lol

  10. Are any of your thinks printable? I would love to do the s'mores one!!

    1. All of these devotional handouts can be printed. They are sized as a 4x6 photo print. Just click on the image to enlarge it to full size, then right click and save it to your computer.

      Here's a link to the details of the actual devotional message we shared with the girls:

      Hope that helps and answers some questions! ☺

  11. Hello, I'm a girls camp volunteer too. I'd love to edit these to be the current date and our camp's name. Are you okay with that?

  12. Hiii there! I'm the Santa Monica Stake Camp Director again this year, and we are going on a "cruise" at camp this year that goes along with the Mutual theme this year " O Ye Embark In The Service of God" I would love to have the stamps to edit to put in our passports that I'm going to make each girl for their certifications and other activities!. My email is

    This is such a cute idea and I love all our handouts!!! good to know for the future!!!!

    Thank you!! I hope all is well!

  13. HOW did you make the passport stamps?!? They are so cute and soo perfect for our EMBARK theme this year. I'd love to be able to put the current date on them. Any suggestions? Can you email me the file? Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Love it.

  14. Amy:
    Could I get a copy of the template/print out you used for your passport "stamps"? I would love, love, LOVE to use them for certification at our camp in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks! Kimberly

  15. I just came across your site as I was looking for camp ideas. I love your hugs and kisses tag and the letter idea and your s'mores print! Do you share these creations, I would be thrilled to be able to use these this summer at camp! Thanks.


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