My 3 Monsters: Another Big, Big Treat {Almost-Instant Zeppole}

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Another Big, Big Treat {Almost-Instant Zeppole}

Last night's big, big treat for Family Night was my husband's idea.  Kind of.  He was craving the Zeppole from our favorite pizza place yesterday.  Have you ever had Zeppole {pronounced Zep-po-lee}?  It's not fancy -- just deep fried dough drenched in powdered sugar and dipped in raspberry or chocolate sauce -- but it is delicious.  I think most cultures have their version of deep fried dough. Zeppole, Beignets, Sopapillas, Donuts . . .  There are probably distinctions between them all, but we're not fancy folk around here.  Sweet fried dough is sweet fried dough to us, and we love it all.

Just to prove to you how NOT FOODIE we are, I'm going to share my dirty little secret with you.  Lean in close so I don't have to shout it out.  {Canned biscuits.}  All those things can be made super easily with canned biscuits.  Just the cheap two-for-a-dollar cans of biscuits in your grocer's refrigerator.  I've seen them called all kinds of things -- Biscuit Beignets, Ghetto Donuts -- but for today we're going to call these Almost Instant Zeppole. 

You'll need:
refrigerated biscuits {just the little ones, not Grands -- as many as you want. I usually do 2 cans for my family}
powdered sugar
raspberry jam or chocolate sauce for dipping

1.  Heat oil in a skillet on medium-high heat.  I usually pour just enough in the pan to make it about an inch deep.  You'll know it's hot enough when you flick a few drops of water in there and it pops like crazy.

2.  While oil is heating, cut the biscuits in half.  I said not to use Grands biscuits, but you can if you want.  Just cut them into quarters if you do.  You want the pieces of dough to be small enough that they easily cook all the way through. 

3.Prepare your powdered sugar by pouring a few cups into a plastic bowl with a lid.  I keep old Cool Whip bowls for things like this, but any kind of lidded container works.  Ordinarily I would tell you to put it in a zip-loc bag, but the dough is so hot when it comes out of the oil it will melt holes in your bag.  Don't ask me how I know that. 

4.  Heat up your dipping sauce.  I put a couple of scoops of seedless raspberry jam into a bowl and microwave it until it melts to a syrup consistency.  You want to have everything ready before you fry the dough so that you can eat everything while it's nice and hot. 

5.  When the oil is hot, place 5 or 6 pieces of biscuit into the pan. Once those are golden brown on one side {about a minute or two} flip them over and add 5 more pieces of dough.  When those are golden brown, remove the first pieces {that are now cooked on both sides}with a slotted spoon and place them in the bowl with the powdered sugar.  Flip over the pieces that are still in the oil and add 5 or 6 more.  

6.  Put the lid on the bowl of powdered sugar and shake to coat the hot dough in there.  Remove those to a serving plate and repeat the process.   You'll have to stay on your toes to keep flipping the dough in the oil and coating the cooked ones in powdered sugar.  They fry up really fast this way and they're all still hot when you eat 'em.  Don't they look delicious:

7.  Dip your warm, sugary, fried dough into the warm raspberry or chocolate sauce and ENJOY!!

This is one of my family's favorite treats for breakfast or dessert.  You can't have it every day, obviously, but that just makes it a bigger treat when you do have it. I'd love to hear about your recent homemade treats.  Have a Happy May Day!

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  1. These look delish!
    Growing up we'd make these like "doughnuts". Mom would use an old pill bottle to cut a hole out of the center of each 'cheap' biscuit. Only the cheap ones taste right. The 'nicer' version are too bread-y. We'd deep fry them and roll both the doughnuts and their holes in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. Some would stay plain and get topped with a little chocolate frosting that had been microwaved to a dipping consistancy then the tops dipped. Such great memories! Thanks for sharing your version - I'm totally trying jam next time!

  2. These look so good and I love how easy they are! I also like the idea o dipping them in chocolate or raspberry sauce. I would love if you would share this and any other posts at Showcase Your Talent Thursday I hope to see you there!

  3. Tammy, we've made the donuts for years, too. I was trying to trick Brent into thinking he was eating the Zeppole from NYPD Pizza so we wouldn't have to actually go there for FHE. I think I successfully held him off.


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