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Going Green {& Gray & Eclectic}

I'm dreaming of re-doing my kids' bathroom.  The success of my budget powder room makeover has me thinking that maybe I can perform miracles in the rest of my house, too.  Oh, how I wish . . . 

Here's my grand, if -I-could-have-my-druthers scheme:

Now, I know that our current situation does not allow for the re-tiling of the tub surround in that beautiful white subway tile, but I do have some gray and white paint in my garage leftover from our master bedroom redo a while ago that I could use on the walls.  {Free.  Yay!}  I have plenty of old frames and knick-knacks laying around. Plus, I'm pretty crafty.  I think I could get some cuteness together for a pretty good start on a gallery wall  with what I have in my craft closet.

I found some cool floral-y, bird-y fabric at Savers a looong time ago that I had planned to use to reupholster a chair in the living room.  It was too lemony of a yellow to go with my buttery yellow walls, but it would look great as a shower curtain.  {Or, if I suddenly feel rich -- hee, hee -- that green Waverly number on the board up there is less than $30.  And would match the green and white towels that we already own. Hmmmm.}  The sconces are only $18 each at Lowes, so if I was going to be spendy, I could probably swing those.  Or I could live with the current light fixture for a while longer.  It's fine. 

I may have enough moulding in the garage from another project to frame out the builder's grade mirror in there until such time as I can afford that awesome hanging bird mirror.  That's the great thing about eclectic decorating -- you can "build it" over time.  I don't have to wait to get started!  This can be one of those projects that evolves over time and becomes so much more fantastic in the process.  That's exciting to me.

Obviously at some point I'm going to want to do that tile project in the shower.  And I think I want to bump one of the walls out into the boys' room to make their almost-completely-unused closet smaller and this used-by-three-nearly-teenage-kids bathroom a bit bigger.  And I have my eye on that cool ceramic tile that looks like wood for the floor.  {Have you seen that?!}  While we're being completely frank, the ugly vanity top and faucet need to get the boot someday, too.  But what I have actually still functions so those things don't HAVE to be done TODAY.  {Tomorrow would be fine, hun, if you want to pencil it into your planner. Ü}  My point is, I don't have to have the budget for everything just to get started.  I love that!

Maybe that philosophy doesn't work for you.  Maybe you're an all-or-nothin' kind of gal.  Or eclectic just isn't your style. Or you're in a completely different phase of life than I am.   That's OK.  As for me, these past few months of unemployment have taught me to look for the small rewards in life.  It's an exciting challenge for me to try to make the most of every single thing I have -- using up old cans of paint and picture frames.  Creating something {hopefully kinda'}beautiful out of things that many people {including my former self} would be wont to throw away.  The day of acquiring has passed {for a time}.  Now is the day of becoming a wiser steward of the things with which I've been blessed.  Making the best of things.  Looking on the bright side.

Phew!  Sorry to subject you to my philosophical awakening.  That was just my extremely verbose way of saying, "Yay!  I'm gonna' repaint my kids' bathroom."  Also, I wanted to say, "Yay!  My potato plants are growing."  I worried for a while that I had done something terribly wrong, but then one day they peeked their little green heads out of the soil and decided to grow like crazy.
That is not really what I expected a potato plant to look like.  Interesting.  Hopefully they'll bloom soon-ish.  I'll show you if they do.

Have a great day, friends!

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