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Mini-Suitcase Memory Boxes

Girl's Camp starts TOMORROW!!!  I am equal parts thrilled and prematurely exhausted.  I'm just wrapping up some odds and ends and wanted to share this cute little project with you.  Since the theme for camp is "DestiNATION:  Camp"  we tried to do lots of travel-related stuff for the girls.  I've shared the passport journals we made earlier, which have been a big hit with the girls.  The other camp leader I'm working with found these really cute wood boxes that look like suitcases that we thought would be perfect little camp memory boxes.  Hopefully they'll save all their handouts and trinkets from camp in there.  Maybe not, but a mother-figure can dream.

The girls each got to paint and decorate their own and some of them were preeety unique, to say the least.  These were a couple that I whipped up today for girls who haven't had a chance to do theirs.
I just spray painted them -- quick and dirty, no sanding or being too careful required -- and then lined all the edges with gray and white striped washi tape.  You can see on the blue suitcase that I didn't think to do the washi tape until after I had applied a few of the stickers.  That's alright.  {Please tell me it's alright. I'm a little bugged by it, even though I'm trying not to be.}

I found some vintage travel sticker digital images like this one on etsy and printed them on 8.5x11 full sheet mailing labels.  Once you cut them out they work great as stickers for the mini-luggage boxes.  Looking at these pictures it is clear I should have used a higher quality printer setting on the stickers.  It makes them look rough and aged, I guess.  If you're feeling really crafty you could paint a coat of Mod Podge on top to help protect the stickers.  Have you seen the antique glaze Mod Podge they have now?  That would be really cool. 

I have to give these away to my campers, but I really want to keep them for myself.  I may have to make a couple more once I get home.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway I have running right now for some amazing Eclos Beauty skincare products.  I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning!

I'm linking this project up to Something to Do Saturdays on Turning This Into That.  Come check out the other cool projects!


  1. I've been looking for similar boxes with handles for a while. I would need something about 12" or 13" by at least 8 inches and at least 6 inches deep. I've been trying to find one in which the lid is the same depth as the box itself which makes both about 3 inches deep. They look vintage. I think it's the handle that is most appealing. Where did you find these perfect boxes?

    1. I wish I could be more helpful! We bought these boxes at Michael's last summer. They're about 5x7 inches or so. Thanks for stopping by!


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