My 3 Monsters: Rosette & Faux Feather Headband
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Rosette & Faux Feather Headband

Just one last cute little surprise for Sis for the dance tonight.  We played around with her hair yesterday and just didn't love anything we came up with.  Her hair is cutest styled the way she normally does it.  So I was thinking that since we couldn't do anything fancy with her hair, maybe we could put something cute in it.  I LOVE a cute pixie cut with a funky headband.  That's probably my most favorite thing.  I wish I could pull it off.  I can't, but Sis can!

I wanted to make something totally unique for her -- we have a ton of rosette headbands here.  I remembered seeing these really cool string feathers over at Blue Sky Confections a few weeks ago.  I looked and found that tutorial and this other one at Twigg Studios that is only very slightly different.  I had everything but the liquid starch in my craft stash so I whipped one up and brushed it with Mod Podge to stiffen it up.  That came out a little bit clumpy-looking.  I want to make another one using starch to see if it will turn out better, but this one will do for now.
I glued the pretty string feather to a plain little headband and then whipped up a couple of rosettes out of the fabric from her shoes.  {I really do love a good fabric rosette.} A sprig of pearly white berries was the perfect finishing touch.
I'll put some pictures up tonight when she's all dolled up for the dance so you can see what it looks like in her hair.  {It's adorable . . . .}

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I never would have thought to make my own feathers. So cool!

    1. I wouldn't have thought of it either. They ARE really cool!

  2. What a pretty headband! Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Thanks! It was a fun one to make and looked so pretty in my daughter's hair for the dance.


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