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3 Dimensional String Monograms

Here's one more quick project I did for the gallery wall in my kids' bathroom.  It couldn't be any easier or have a bigger impact.  I saw this on Pinterest a looong time ago and made a mental note to use the idea someday:

JK JK has a great tutorial, but I think it's pretty self-explanatory.   I used a font called Varsity to make my templates and printed my letters out so they were about 6 inches tall.  Tape the tempalte on your wall where you want it and hammer a nail into the wall at every corner of the letter template.  While this project is simple, it is not for the faint of heart.  It just about killed me to drive 30 or so nails into my freshly patched and painted wall, but it was worth it in the end.  Once all your nails are in place, carefully remove the paper template.  Tie your string to one of the nails, then wrap it around the outline of the letter 5 or 6 times and tie it off at the end.  

I like the pop of color they add and the play of shadows on the wall.  It's also a nice touch to personalize the room -- I did one for each of my kids.

I used some yarn that I found at Hobby Lobby, but you could use embroidery floss or ribbon or anything else that strikes your fancy.  

On a completely unrelated side-note, I've been laughing about the label from that yarn all week.  Sometimes things just leave you scratching your head in confusion.

First of all, I think it goes without saying that you should NOT stuff a sock monkey with yams or other "vegitables".  Right?  Right?!  Is this a thing?  This stuffing of children's knit toys with yams?  Really?  I'd like to spell things out a little more. You should also NOT stuff your sock monkey with:  nails, mayonnaise, used chewing gum, firecrackers, and/or shards of glass.  Just sayin'.

THEN, step one of the instructions:  Knit a pair of socks.  

Really?!  Am I really the only one who doesn't knit socks any more?  Even if I did knit, I don't think I could whip out a pair of socks without a little more guidance than that.  Come on, yarn makers.  Help a girl out!

If my kids get their hearts set on having a sock monkey after seeing this, I'm going to have to craft up some "My Mom Bought Sock Monkey Yarn and All I Got Was This Stupid Monogram" t-shirts for them.  {If I do, you know you'll read about it here!}

I'll be posting the "After" shots of the kids' bathroom later today so please come back.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. Those letters are adorable. I saw the pinterest pin about them as well and thought they were amazing. I love that you added them.

    Now about the sock monkeys - cracking me up with that! What in the world? Where was that yarn made? Surely something was lost in translation...


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