My 3 Monsters: Tongue-in-Cheek Hand Towels

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Tongue-in-Cheek Hand Towels

The kids' bathroom is done!!  I'll share the whole enchilada with you as soon as I get all the photos edited.  I know . . . you can hardly wait.  Here's a quick project I threw together on a whim that really adds a custom touch.  I wanted this bathroom to have a little bit of a sense of humor, because that just suits my children, but the idea could be adapted to any bathroom or kitchen to add a little bit of your own personality.

I found some cool linen dish towels at Ross last week -- I think they cost $2 for the set of three towels.  They were the perfect yellow for the room, but the striped pattern was just . . . so plain.  I decided to use my Photo-Transfer Mod Podge again to add a funny little graphic to each one.  I spent about ten minutes whipping up these designs in Gimp:

The mermaid one is kind of a family joke from my husband's childhood.  They both just make me {and more importantly, my kids} smile.  I was really impressed with how the Photo-Transfer Mod Podge worked on fabric.  They still have a little rough-around-the-edges look to them, but I like it.  It's a nice {really easy} alternative to freezer paper stenciling and seems much more durable than iron-on papers I have used in the past.  

I added those handles to the faux drawer fronts in there specifically to hold hand towels so I wouldn't have to clutter up the wall or counter top with a towel holder.  They have the added benefit of holding the towels pretty firmly so maybe, just maybe, the hand towels won't constantly be on the floor.  You can kind-of get a sneak peek at the finished bathroom from that bottom picture.  There's actually a lot more color in the room than that picture would lead you to believe, however.  I can't wait to show you . . .  Come back soon, my friends!

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  1. Super cute! I am excited to see the whole thing. The mason jars on the wall are just a tease!

  2. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I NEED the mermaid in my bathtub hand towel!! Awesome.


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