My 3 Monsters: A Week's Worth of "Pin-spired" Dinners

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A Week's Worth of "Pin-spired" Dinners

I mentioned last week that I have been really trying to cook dinner at home more.  We have gotten into the really bad habit over the past couple of years of either running through the drive-thru for dollar menu burgers or 59 cent tacos {both cheaper than I could make them at home} several times a week or having what we call "fend for yourself" where everyone just eats whatever they want for dinner.  I've tried to justify it by saying how "busy" I am and by pointing out the fact that we ALWAYS eat dinner together, even if we're not all eating the same thing.  

Truth be told, I'm not that busy.  Not so busy that I can't cook dinner, really.  I like to have my hands in lots of pots {metaphorically}, but usually none of them are so pressing as to keep me from spending 30 or 40 minutes a day making a meal for my husband and children.  Or helping my children to make one as the case may be.  Wanna' know what's really sad about this situation?  My kids are soooo not picky eaters.  They'll eat anything pretty much and they are extremely grateful and sweet to me when I do cook.  Lots of moms are not so lucky.  I know.  I'm committed to doing better.  

One thing that really gets me excited about cooking is making something new and delicious, so here's a round-up of some of our favorite new dinner recipes that I have found on Pinterest!  {Click on each photo to be taken to the recipe source.}

We are HUGE fans of mexican food around here and these were delicious!!  

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Crock pot Chicken Tacos from Recipe Biter
You'll notice that crock pot meals are my salvation,  I love having dinner ready for me when we want to eat so I'm not scrambling {and potentially talking myself out of cooking} at the last minute.

Another crock-pot recipe -- Mongolian Beef from Notes from the Heartland
This was a huge hit with coconut rice on the side.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Light and delicious.  My kids inhale these so fast I'm not really sure if they have ever really tasted them.  I always make a double batch so we can have them for lunch the next day.

I didn't know if my kids would like this one with the dijon mustard and tarragon -- two pretty unfamiliar flavors to my kiddos, but we really enjoyed it.  There is also a handy hint about substituting milk and butter for heavy cream  with this recipe.

Brent really liked this one.  He thought it would be good to substitute swiss cheese and add some sliced pears to make it more like the Farmer Sandwiches his mom used to make.  

This is Dylan's favorite recipe to make when it's his turn to cook dinner.  He always just bakes the chicken fingers and makes the sauce while they are in the oven.  They are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy,

If you have any favorite dinner recipes, please leave a link in the comments,  I'm always looking for something new!  Follow me on Pinterest to see all the latest recipes I'm trying out.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for sharing these - I just saved a few that I need to try out.

  2. YUM-O! Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures...

  3. Ooh I do love it when you post recipes. Going to try several of these this week.


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