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Ruffled Wreath

After I made my ruffly tote bag last week, I had some scraps of ruffled fabric leftover.  I HATE to waste anything and I've had the same wreath on my door all summer {the horror!} so decided to make a little new door decor today.  I love the colors in these fabrics -- I think they're a fun, fresh take on a fall palette so this wreath will work through the end of summer all the way to Halloween.  

All you need is a styrofoam wreath form, some fabric scraps and a box of pins.  I had everything in my craft closet so it was totally free {my favorite price}, but it wouldn't cost very much even if you had to go out and buy everything.  I had a bunch of long strips of fabric that were zig-zag stitched down one side and gathered down the other so I just took those one at a time and started pinning them to the styrofoam with straight pins.  I made a small pleat in the fabric and stuck a pin in every inch or so all the way around.  When I got back to where I started, I folded the end under and overlaped it by about an inch.

I went back after pinning all three layers and hid some pins underneath the ruffles on the front surface of the wreath to make sure everything was laying flat and pretty.

You can't even see them when the wreath is hanging.  To finish the inside edge of the wreath, I took a long scrap of fabric that was about 1 inch wide and pleated it about every inch, hiding the pins underneath the pleats.

For a little finishing touch, I pinned on some scrappy rosettes. I made them just like I have in the past, but instead of hot gluing or sewing, I simply stuck a pin into the styrofoam after every turn or two.  

I used pins for everything on this wreath so that I have the option of using the wreath form again.  If I ever get tired of this style, I can just pull out all the pins and start over.  For now, I'm thrilled with how it turned out!  Not bad for about 30 minutes worth of work and zero dollars!

What do you think?  Have a great day everyone!

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