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Just Dance Just Sweat Dream Team Update

HI guys!!  I'm taking a break from the DIY-ing to talk a little about our experience with Just Dance this past month.  Many of you know that Brent and I have been using Ubisoft's Just Dance video game for the Wii as a regular part of our workout routine for the past little while.  We have always been big fans of Just Dance so it made complete sense for us to use it to workout.  

Our kids are really helping to keep us accountable and make sure we dance almost every day.  It's awesome now that they are back in school because we all get up earlier and get going.  I love to have a routine!! Whatever -- watch the video and we'll tell you all about it.

That pretty much says it all!  On a fun note, my little sister just got engaged so we have a little extra motivation to shape up before November.  We're so excited for Leslie and Eric, and for US because we get to see my whole family for the second time this year.  That, like, NEVER happens.}

See what all the other Just Sweat Dream Team members are up to here.

Thanks for checking in today.  Next week I have a yummy lemonade recipe recipe and a new project to share.  Have a great weekend!


  1. You rock my friend! You should be proud of yourselves! I am inspired!

  2. I watched two of your videos and I like this dance project, it seems to really have an impact on your lives. Keep going!!!

  3. I LOVE JUST DANCE! and i LOVE you guys! you rock!

  4. FIRST OF ALL...You guys are awesome!! Congrats for keeping with it...I know for me, if I don't see like...immediate results I'm discouraged. I can tell from your first blog video and this blog video that you both look different and I think you both look refreshed and happy! ALSO, Amy your skin looks AWESOME! I love the Eclos stuff and it worked so good for me! I have kept up on it. Keep it up guys!


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