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Do you ever feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall trying to get things done?  That has been my week so far.  I can't get our insurance to cover medical supplies we need for Riley, my phone has no dial tone, and NO ONE IN THE WORLD is willing or able to help me.  I have spent more hours on the phone this week (before it died yesterday) and chatting online with customer service people than any person should have to spend in one lifetime.  I don't mean to complain, I really don't.  These trials are relatively minor compared to lots of others.  I'm just at my wit's end and you, my interweb friends, are the only ones I can "talk" to right now, seeing as how my phone is down.  Not that I enjoy talking on the phone anyway, which just makes the events of my week that much worse . . .

First of all, I don't think it should be so hard to get your insurance to pay for things that your child needs to survive.  That's issue number one.  I'm not talking about improving his quality of life here.  I'm talking about the difference between him living and dying.  I've been paying cash for his stuff for the past couple of months while I'm trying to figure the insurance garbage out, but I shouldn't have to do that!

Secondly, whatever happened to customer service?!  I was on the phone for two straight hours on Monday, talking to 60 different people.  Each one was more eager than the last to transfer my call to someone else or give me another number I needed to call.  The last lady I talked to--she was last not because she resolved my problem, but because I couldn't talk for one more second -- must have thought I was completely emotionally unstable.  By the time I got on the phone with her I was already choking back tears.  When she gave me a new list of numbers to call I broke down, sobbing and pleading, "Why won't anyone HELP me?  I need someone to take five minutes and listen to what I have to say and HELP me."  I wasn't rude or unkind to her, I was genuinely distraught.  She was kind and encouraging, but still I just got three more numbers to call, all of which turned out to be dead ends, too.

I just got done chatting online with a phone company guy who told me I just had to wait for my phone to come back on.  "Can you give me an idea of when that might be?" I asked.  Today.  Just "today".  Ummmm, thanks, I guess.....

To top it all off, my bank account got hacked while I was in Colorado this summer so they flagged it in the fraud department.  How did I find out about that?  My debit card was declined last week when I was buying groceries.  Yep, me with a cart full of food and no way to pay for it.  Sweet.  After another hour-long phone call to the bank, I got to go set up new accounts and have NO ACCESS to our money while I waited for my new debit card to come five days later.  Luckily Brent could use his card, but that didn't help ME.  FOR FIVE DAYS.  I just had to laugh when I received FOUR new debit cards in the mail Saturday, all with different numbers.  And I still couldn't login to my account online because it was still flagged as fraud so I still didn't know which card I could use until I talked to the bank for another hour on Monday.


Have you ever had a week like that?  Please tell me it's not just me!  I was so looking forward to this, the first week of school, to be alone in my home and blissfully happy sewing up a slipcover.  That might not sound like bliss to a lot of you {and, honestly, it's not really my idea of bliss either}, but I was looking forward to it.  Whatever.  There's always next week, right?


  1. What a crap week! I'm not gonna sugar coat it - it's crap. I am sorry that you've had to face all of this at once. I've been there - on the phone, trying not to burst into tears (I will admit it - I actually did cry) just help my kid! Do what I pay you to do. I PAY a lot of money for coverage - now COVER!
    Sorry! I hope it gets better!

  2. Yikes!! I hope never to experience such an awful week. I'm so sorry you've had to deal with all of this. It sounds so stressful. I hate dealing with "people". I'd so rather be able to just live in my own little world where I have control over it all. Hang in there; next week HAS to be better!!!

  3. Gosh, it sounds like you are having a time! I had the same problem with my phone and internet except mine was out for about a week. I work from home for a major big company so they called my phone provider everyday but it didn't help them get my service back any quicker. UGH! I finally got it back today. I am really wondering about your insurance though. I had a son with leukemia and my daughter has been a diabetic since age 4 so I understand insurance. Plus I work for a big insurance company so I am really wondering if I can help you out? I'm not sure if you are insured with my company or not but, maybe I could look some stuff up for you and explain how to best handle? Let me know if you are still having issues and I will email you my phone #. Keep you're chin up!

  4. I battle the same issues with my diabetes and insurance!! I hate it!! I am no longer on my pump because insurance covers next to NOTHING!!!! I hope u got it sorted out. Let me know if i can help!!!


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