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Black Hat Society
{Vintage Witch Free Printable}

I found a vintage stock photo online a while back and thought it would be perfect to use for Halloween if I doctored it up a bit.  I like that it tied in so perfectly with the holographic image I framed earlier this week.

The image wasn't wide enough to fit a traditional print size and I didn't want to crop any of the height off to make it fit.  My solution was to put the narrow image onto an 11X14 print, with a white border on each side that I would cut off later.  Then I decided to add some decorative elements to make it more interesting and have those elements hanging off the edge of the image.  When I had it printed and cut it out it really looked like the elements were real -- almost 3 dimensional.

Since the cut-out image was an odd size I knew I needed a creative way to frame and display it.  I took this old 16X20 frame that I had and stapled chicken wire to the back of it then spray painted the whole thing apple green.  Chicken wire is inexpensive and easy to work with.  I don't have any special tools -- just a pair of wire cutters and this whole thing only took about 30 minutes, start to finish.  Easy!  I'll have a more detailed tutorial for making the frame next month if you're interested, but it's pretty self-explanatory.

I hung the frame onto the wall and used clothes pins to attach my witch image to the chicken wire.  I added a little black crow to the bottom edge of the frame by twisting the wires on its feet around the frame and chicken wire.  I think she's a fun little addition to my vintage Halloween display.  {The tutorial for the witch's hat in the display will be coming in a couple of weeks!}

I have posted this vintage witch image {without the watermark}for download on the My 3 Monsters facebook page so she can grace your Halloween festivities, too.  You'll have to like the page in order to see the "Exclusive Downloads" button.  Once you click that button, you'll have access to this and several other exclusive printable downloads for My 3 Monsters fans.

Download and save the image to your computer then have it printed at any photo-processing site.  Costco is my favorite because they do a good, quick job and they're really cheap, but places like Snapfish would also work.  Once you get your print, simply cut off the white border on each side and you're good to go!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your week has been fantastic!

Lil\'LunaThe 36th AVENUE

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