My 3 Monsters: {31 Days to a Brand New Room}Day 13: DIY Painted Rug

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{31 Days to a Brand New Room}
Day 13: DIY Painted Rug

If you're joining us for the first time today, this is day 13 of a 31 day series about how to give a room in your home a brand new look, from top to bottom, completely DIY.  

If you look in any high end home decor catalog these days you'll find some version of a Moroccan-inspired rug -- West Elm, Ballard Designs, and Pottery Barn to name just a few.  I love everything about them -- the flat weave, the color, the graphic patterns -- except the price.  They can be VERY expensive.  This simple rug from IKEA is popular among craft bloggers because it can be easily painted and given a one-of-a-kind, expensive look. AND it is more in my price range.  Remember how I saved enough money by buying the flooring option that was on sale to pay for my rug?  Sweet!

I decided to use the same design that I used on my mirrored closet doors to paint my rug, with a little variation.  I printed out the pattern and cut it out of cardboard so that I would have a sturdy pattern to trace onto my rug.  To begin, I found the center of my rug and marked it with painter's tape.  Starting in the center will ensure that your overall pattern is centered on your rug and doesn't end up looking weird.  I lined the center of my pattern piece up with the center of my rug and traced it with a pencil right onto the rug.  Continue tracing the pattern onto your rug, leaving about 1/2 inch between your shapes.  It will be obvious when you begin tracing how the pattern fits together.

Once the pattern is drawn on the rug, all that is left to do is paint it.  I used laytex paint and a small paint brush the same size that I wanted my painted line to be {about 1/2 inch}.  There are two ways that you could paint this design.  The simpler way is to fill in the 1/2 inch space between the rows of your pattern. That is basically what I did on my closet doors.  The fancier way is to leave that 1/2 inch space unpainted, but paint a line on either side of that space. {Here's a more detailed explanation of that process.} That will mean you do twice as much painting, but you'll get a more intricate design. 

I just love to be on my hands and knees tediously painting lines {hee, hee}, so I chose the fancier option. 

I didn't worry too much about getting 100% even coverage with my paint.  The imperfections make it feel more old-worldy and authentic.  I did worry a lot about dropping my paintbrush on the white rug or my dog walking through the wet paint, however.  I dropped the brush once {that corner will go under the chair} and I yelled at my dog to stay away repeatedly.  And I painted little lines for hours. And hours.  The process of tracing and painting took me the better part of a day.  I told you yesterday that it was tedious, but totally worth it, didn't I?  

Here it is in the room:

{That chair and ottoman will be getting their makeover soon!}

I think it makes my little $40 rug look like a million bucks!  What's really cool is that the paint doesn't show from the back so if I get tired of this pattern, I can just flip it over and try something new.  Not soon, though.  My back and knees are still killing me.

Thanks for checking in today.  Tomorrow I'll show you another cool thing we did with the chalkboard walls.



  1. Your rug looks gorgeous, nice job! What a great series you're doing here for your 31 days, you're really rockin' it!

    1. Thank you so much!! Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Your rug DOES look like a million bucks! I've been considering trying a painted rug. I have a 5 month old though so I'm not sure if I have enough hours to complete such a task quite yet. Beautiful job! Thanks so much for sharing!


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