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Supporting my Little Athlete {with Kleenex}

Am I the only mom who cries?  Like, ALL the time?!  And almost never because I'm sad.  Sometimes I wonder about my emotional stability . . .

There have just been so many moments lately when I was completely overwhelmed by one of my children's courage or integrity or stick-to-it-iveness that it has brought a tear to my eye.  Yes, I have taken to wearing waterproof eyeliner and carrying a pack of Kleenex in my purse.  {And to making up words like stick-to-it-ive.}  Best be prepared since I know it's gonna' happen, right?

We've had a few really cool events in the past month that have gotten lost in the blog shuffle what with all the projects we have going on in our home.  One of those events was Sydney's participation in the Pioneer Trek -- more on that soon!  Another was Dylan's school district kickball tournament.  I know you're thinking, "Don't tell me you actually cried over an elementary school kickball tournament.  You really are nuts!"  Well, yes, that's exactly what I am going to tell you.  Your opinions about that are your own . . .

Here's the whole story.  Our little school district decided to have kickball intramurals this year for 4th and 5th graders.  There would be several weeks of practices capped off by a big district-wide tournament.  Dylan, our 5th grader, really wanted to do it.  He's never played a sport or done a school activity, and he could use some outside time so we signed him up.  It was very low key.  I mean, it's elementary school, right?  Everyone got a chance to kick every inning to keep it fair.  It didn't matter if they won or lost, it was just fun to play.  But 10-year-old boys really want to win, no matter what they say.

The day of the final district tournament started off with a round robin in the morning before the single elimination portion began in the afternoon.  To say our team struggled in the morning would be a gross understatement.  They lost every game.  Significantly.  It was hot and the kids were exhausted before the "real" tournament even began.  As parents, we all quietly joked that at least we'd get to go home out of the heat early.  Until they won their first game . . .

And then their second . . .

And kept winning until they were in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!  The excitement amongst the team and their families was building by the minute.  {Plus, we found a shadier spot to sit as other teams got knocked out and went home.  That upped the enjoyment factor about a hundred-fold, too.}  Could our kiddos actually take home the title?!  How was this happening?!

That last game.  Oh, that last game.  The kids were so hot and so tired.  {No shade on the field.}  All the momentum they had built to that point came to a screeching halt.  No amount of cheering could get them going again.  They were done!  In the bottom of the last inning, our little guys were down by 12.  But somehow, they dug deep and ended up coming back  . . . only to lose the gamy BY ONE POINT.  Yeah, you read that right.  They regained ELEVEN POINTS in one inning and missed out on being the first-ever district champs by one measly little point. 

I have never been so proud of a group of kids!  Did they cry?  Did they complain?  No.  They were just proud of themselves for playing the best game they could have played.  No one was saying, "We lost."  Instead, it was, "We almost won that one!"   Talk about a Kleenex moment! 

It made me think of this quote from Michael Jordan:

It's OK to sometimes fall short of your goal, as long as you did the best you could possibly do.  I always tell my kids, "Just try!"  You'll never know if you can do something until you try.  Our kiddos could never have come back from a twelve point deficit without TRYING!

Our team's coaches were fantastic.  Wouldn't it be cool to make them custom Kleenex boxes for their classrooms with the team picture and an inspirational quote?!  I actually kinda' want one myself . . .  I think that would be a really fun gift for the coach of any kids sports team.  You can design your own Kleenex box here!  Do you have a Kleenex moment as a mom?

Get a Kleenex custom oval BOGO until 11/15/12, just use the code PLAYOFFS at checkout on the Kleenex site. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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