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Life gets so busy this time of year that the little things {like blogging for pleasure or feeding my family} sometimes slip through the cracks.  I have a million projects that I want to do and gifts that I'd like to make, but I've been swamped with Christmas card making and event planning responsibilities and haven't done anything crafty, just for fun, in a long time.  Too long. 

But I did get to spend Thanksgiving with my family and attend my baby sister's wedding last weekend.  Isn't she pretty {even in this fuzzy camera phone pic}?

They had pie at their reception instead of cake since it was right after Thanksgiving and Leslie made hot chocolate on a stick.  She's so cute and clever.

I also managed to get my Christmas tree put up and lit today.  All by myself.  Yep, I'm pretty cool like that.

I designed invitations for our ward Christmas party:

And took one day off to watch the Twilight marathon with my daughter and friend -- yep, all five movies in one day, which kinda' felt like work . . . until the end.

I've also slipcovered two couches, made a cute little quilt for my sister's wedding gift and designed an Andy Warhol-inspired Wheat Thins pop art print for my hilarious brother who tweeted Wheat Thins hundreds of times this summer.

I guess I can't say I haven't done anything creative.  I just haven't had time to write about it.  Like, at all.

We have Young Women in Excellence, a special evening at church celebrating my girls' accomplishments this year, tomorrow night.  I'm a little stressed that the t-shirts we designed and ordered haven't arrived yet and one of my musical numbers fell through ...  It will be fine.  Whatever.  After that it's the church Christmas party and THEN I'm taking some time to do what I WANT.  You best believe I'll blog all about it!

Thanks for letting me whine a little bit tonight.  You all are the very best bloggy friends in the world!  I've missed you.


  1. Wow, you are busy! I love the Wheat Thins art! Good luck with YW in Excellence. I hope it goes well for you and your shirts arrive!

  2. Congrats to Leslie and I would totally do a musical number for you if I lived closer. I want to see your couch slipcovers! You rock.

  3. Oh what a beautiful bride!! I can't believe how much you're able to do!! I am in charge of the RS events in our ward and so far don't have a committee so I understand your stress...we had a craft night 2 weeks ago that I was freaking out about and then, finally, it was done and went off pretty well! I love your invitations, you are truly talented!! Now I have to get to work on the Christmas RS event but that'll be much simpler.

    But I totally understand! It's tough going when you don't get to use your creativity for yourself for a while! Hope it all goes well!! I'm sure it will ; )


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