My 3 Monsters: An Easter Vignette in a Decidedly Un-Model Home
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An Easter Vignette in a Decidedly Un-Model Home

This little dresser next to our front door is the perfect place to add a few little decorations that I can change out to fit the seasons.  It is also the perfect place for everyone to drop their junk as they walk in the door.  It is also the perfect place for homework supplies to pile up when we clear everything off the dining table to set it for dinner.  Never mind the five, cout 'em - FIVE, drawers in the dresser designed to contain all the aforementioned junk.  Whatever.

I find that if I fill up the top of the dresser with pretty tchotchkes, my family is less likely to pile their junk up there, and use the bottom few stairs instead.

{Note that I said less likely, not completely deterred. Also note that the junk pile just switches locations, not disappears.  However, the stairs are actually a few feet closer to where all that stuff actually belongs.   Any little bit helps.}

I'm loving bright, pretty colors this spring.  I did a little craft boutique over the weekend and made a million of these yo yo rosette hair clips to sell.

Friday night after the boutique I was too tired to put everything away and left this wreath stand  . . . out on top of the dresser.  {I guess I'm a part of the junk-pile problem, too.}  It looked so pretty and springy that I decided to leave it there as part of the spring/Easter vignette.

I picked up the bunny figurines last spring on clearance at Hobby Lobby for about $1 each.  They were super ugly at the time and they took up space in my already crowded craft closet for a year, but I had a vision of what they could become.  One got covered in torn book page strips and Mod Podge with a fun felt bow tie:

The other {my personal favorite} got a coat of Valspar Roasted Coffee gloss spray paint to cover its fuschia polka dots:

It's the perfect chocolate color.  My sweet tooth acts up every time I look at it.  To round out the display, I borrowed this cool Easter Pallet Art idea from Design, Dining  + Diapers, using super cheap wood shims from the hardware store to create the bunny silhouette in my chickenwire frame.

Please ignore the fact that my little glass candy jar is already empty.  Our love of sugar is more powerful than our love of cute-pops-of-color-in-the-Easter-vignette around here.  This is not a model home, after all.  We actually LIVE here.  I love how simple and pretty it is.  I smile every time I walk by . . . as I veer to the pantry for a handful of chocolate chips because that dang bunny makes me so snacky.  And the candy jar is already empty, gosh darn it. 

Whether you're already swimming like us or you're still buried in snow, Happy Spring, y'all!

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  1. I love, LOVE the wreath with all the colors. Beautiful. I don't think I could do the chocolate-looking bunny though. Pretty sure kid #5 would try to take a bite every time he saw it.


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