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Bright Spring Yo Yo Rosette Wreath

How to make a super easy bright spring wreath with yo yo rosettes
I showed you guys my Springy/Eastery display in my entryway the other day and told you how my favorite element, the bright wreath, was kind of a happy accident.  It began its life as a display of yo yo rosette hairclips at a craft boutique I did Friday night, but it was too pretty to take down when all was said and done.  You may not have one of these wire-card-holder-wreathy-thingies, but you could just as easily create a pretty Yo Yo Rosette wreath with a styrofoam wreath form from the craft store.

You'll need:  

-a wreath form of some sort
-ribbon or fabric strips to wrap your wreath form {if you are using a styrofoam form}
-16 to 20-ish Yo Yo Rosettes {or more if you want a fuller looking wreath} -- instructions to follow
-hot glue
-buttons or other centers for Yo Yo rosettes

To Make the Yo Yo Rosettes:

Fabric Yo Yo Rosette Tutorial

1. Create a circle template to cut your fabric.  You can use a compass or trace a plate -- whatever works for you.  Just remember, your finished yo yo will be roughly HALF the size of the circle you cut.  Cut your circle out of your desired fabric.  You can see on my wreath that I used two different sizes -- a 5.5" circle and a 4" circle for some variety.
Fabric Yo Yo Rosette tutorial

2. Using a needle and thread, stitch around the outside edge of the circle on the WRONG side of the fabric.  Keep your stitches about 1/4" away from the outside edge, and gather it tightly as you go.  {I should have rethreaded my needle since the thread was so short, but I was too lazy.}
Fabric yo yo rosette tutorial

3.  When you are finished stitching around, pull the thread taut to gather all the fabric up into a nice tight center and tie the end of the thread off.  Lay your finished Yo Yo flat and arrange the gathers so it looks nice.
Fabric Yo Yo Rosette tutorial

4.  Your basic Yo Yo is finished.  Now for the fun part -- embellishing.  I like to try to use a variety of things, like vintage buttons, covered buttons, jewels, and plastic cabochons on my rosettes.
Fabric Yo Yo Rosette tutorial

5.  Attach your center of choice.  I usually use jewel glue or hot glue, depending on what my center is.  You could also sew buttons on if you want.  At this point, if you are using a styrofoam wreath form you are done.  Just make 20-or-so more rosettes and either use hot glue or straight pins to attach them to your wreath form.  If you want to create Yo Yo Rosette hair clips, continue to the next step.

6.  Using hot glue, cover a metal hair clip with ribbon as shown below.
How to cover a metal hairclip with ribbon

Leaving the bottom prong of the hairclip uncovered makes it easier to slide in and out of your hair.  At least that has been my experience.  Once your clip is all prettied up, attach the  rosette to the top {ribbon covered side} with a dab of hot glue.

How to make a spring wreath out of fabric yo yo rosettes
I simply clipped all my finished clips onto the wire wreath frame so that we can still use them for our hair {Sis and I} after I change out the entry decor.  I don't know though . . . this wreath may have some staying power.  The pretty bright colors may keep me loving it throughout the summer!

Bright spring fabric yo yo rosettes

Bright spring yo yo rosette wreath detail
 That little black bird displayed the price at the craft boutique.  I thought it made a cute little addition with the felt bow at the top so I erased the price and left him up there.  What do you think?  Are you feeling the spring fever?!  Ready for Easter this weekend?  I am!!  Hope your week has been great, my friends.

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