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Housekeeping Revisited

I am still amazed at how much attention this little post about how I clean my house has received.  Uh-mazed.  I can't believe that so many folks have such strong opinions on the subject.   After reading such passionate responses and being featured {as a crazy meth addict} on Pinterest, You Are Drunk, I was a little embarrassed to admit that after about two months I fell off the wagon.  My laziness desire to not clean proved to be infinitely stronger than my satisfaction at having a clean-ish house.  And I have secretly hung my head in shame for the past year.

Not really.  Most of that time I didn't even think about it.

But I still believe in the system.  This plan really worked for me when I was working it.  Recently I decided to revisit {and slightly revise} my housekeeping plan for a new year.  I got so tired of always "putting out fires" around my house -- quickly making my house appear to be clean from a distance -- and never getting on top of things and actually having a clean house.  I was fed up with having my master bedroom be the dumping ground for all the crap that we frantically shoveled out of the main living areas as people walked up to our front door.

It was time to get serious.  And redesign the chart.

The plan is basically the same as before -- spend 30 minutes {more or less} doing daily tasks and 30 minutes {more or less} working on the room of the day.  I tried to prioritize the tasks within each room from most urgent to least.  {Or needing to be done most often to least.}  Each day I survey the room I'm working in and decide what needs to be done that week and then I do as many of those things as possible in 30 minutes.  I usually do the first two or three jobs every week and add one or two of the less urgent jobs. 

Grocery shopping gets its own day because that obviously takes longer than 30 minutes. I clean out the fridge and pantry {throwing away old leftovers and empty packaging that my kids have left on the shelves and putting stray items back where they belong} as I put the groceries away. 

I may not make it through the entire list in a month.  Believe me, I'm not washing my windows 12 times a year.  And when I say "clean baseboards" I mean "put the little attachment on my vacuum hose and suck the dust off of them when I have the vacuum out to do the carpet anyway".  Yes, I am doing that in every room at least once a month.  We have white baseboards and a black dog who sheds. . . and we live in the desert . . . so they get really dusty and hairy.  Everything is always dusty here.

As I go along I may refine my lists further.  For instance, I've already decided I need to add "wash slipcovers" to the Living Room list.  I forgot that when I typed it all up.  I'm sure there will be other revisions as I go on.  I made a couple of blank chart that you can use to create your own plan if you want.

{Just click on the images to enlarge, right click and save to your computer.}

I can't tell you how great it has been feeling like I have my housekeeping under control rather than having a messy house controlling me.  One of the keys for me to be successful with this plan has been my daily prayer and scripture study.  I know housekeeping and daily devotions seem completely unrelated, but I feel really strongly that when my spiritual life is in order all the other aspects of life begin to fall into place, too.  However you worship, meditate, or find inner peace, I highly recommend making that a part of your housekeeping routine.  Hey, maybe I should add that to my daily task list when I make my edits!

Happy Housekeeping, friends!  I made the most delicious banana muffins today with an unexpected add-in.  I'll be sharing the recipe right here in the next day or two.  I hope you'll come back!

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  1. I love your schedule. I have to schedule the rest of my life - why not cleaning, too? Otherwise, I end up just treading water and doing a mad-clean right before company arrives.
    One little ditty that I've found works for me with baseboards - the broom. I can't bend easily (bad back) and with the broom, I can quickly run it across the baseboards and magically they're all clean. I still have to bend with my vacuum attachment.
    The baseboards are filthy here in Chile. I thought AZ was bad - this pollution and earthquake friendly spacing around things is killing me! I need to hit the baseboards every other day (need and reality are two different things, I only do it once a week).
    Super cute schedules! Thanks for sharing :)


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