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Bright & Fun Decor Inspiration

I am itching right now for a change.  When we bought our house 8 1/2 years ago we painted the main living area a pretty butter yellow and all the trim and cabinets white.  A couple years later we put in our laminate floors and then we stopped.  Things have been more-or-less the same for about 8 years.  Sure, I've made new curtains in that time and our old area rugs wore out so we had to replace them.  I've rearranged the furniture oodles of times but essentially it remained the same. 

That's a LONG time.  People change.  Styles change.  I want change!!!  Since it may be a while yet before I can actually do anything, I've taken to imagining my beautiful "new" living area.  That's almost as good, right?  Let me show you what I have in mind:

Bright, fresh decor plan at

I am dying to paint all the walls white.  In the past I have sworn that I would never have white walls in my house.  Like, ever.  But now I crave that clean, fresh feeling.  I still want lots of color -- just look at the mood board there -- but I love the idea of a fresh, white backdrop for it all.  Check out some of these great rooms that I have fallen in love with lately:

Bright, fun decor plan at

Bright, fun decor plan at 

Bright, fun decor plan at

I fell in love with the plank wall we put in Sydney's bedroom last fall so I want one of my own in the living room.   But . . . maybe it would be cool to spice things up and do a planked ceiling instead.  {It would cover up the ugly popcorn ceiling we have!}

Bright, fun decor plan at

Our laminate floor has been great, but a couple months ago we had a major bathroom flood that warped a good portion of the planks in the living room.  It's my dream to pull up the laminate and replace it with wood-look porcelain tile planks throughout the entire main floor of our house.

Bright, fun decor plan at

We recently added chicken wire to some of our upper kitchen cabinets.  I really want to paint the lower cabinets navy blue and put in white granite countertops with a white subway tile backsplash. I used Sherwin Williams Paint Color Visualizer tool to get an idea of how it would look.

Bright, fun decor plan at

Obviously I would need to add a lot of color with accessories and such, but I like it.  We have a ton of windows in our main living area so making curtains out of this bright, pretty Amy Butler fabric would certainly bring some color into the whole space.

Bright, fun decor plan at

I love the clean, simple look of long floor-to-ceiling curtain panels with bamboo shades, similar to this look at Pine Tree Home:

Bright, fun decor plan at

I love old, chippy-painted, vintage-y accessories so I will be trolling thrift stores for cool things I can add to give the new design a bunch of my own personal flair.  It will be a while before I get everything done that I would like to, but as you see home-decor and improvement projects here on the blog in the coming months they will all be headed in this direction. 

So, what styles are y'all loving right now?  What is number one on your home-improvement dream list? 

I hope you'll join me this week as I share my thoughts on insomnia, the most delicious recipe for homemade bread,  an easy ruffled apron tutorial, and {hopefully} my finished chicken wire kitchen cabinets.  Have a great day, friends!

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  1. I am in love with the wood-look tile. If I had an excuse (or unlimited funding) I would redo my entire downstairs tile in that. LOVE<LOVE<LOVE<IT!!!


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