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Eight was Great!!

I promise this is the last post you will have to read about Girls Camp {until next year, if they ask me to come back}!  This was my 8th year in a row going to Girls Camp in one capacity or another.  This year I was asked to head up the craft cabin which meant planning several fun crafts that 100 teenage girls could make in about an hour.  I've shown you some of the ideas I was considering and one of the projects we actually did.  Today I wanted to show off some of my cabin decorating ideas.

I wanted to save as much of my budget as possible for crafting supplies so I needed to decorate the cabin for next to nothin'.  The camp theme was "Defy the Odds: Hunger for Righteousness" based {very loosely} on The Hunger Games and crafts was designated District 8: Textiles.  In my brainstorming I decided that using old sewing patterns would be really cute AND FREE since I have a ton of old patterns from when I used to think I had time to sew clothes.

If you've searched party ideas at all on Pinterest you no doubt have seen a few accordion flower backdrops.  They're just so festive and cheerful!  {And also free because I have a stash of scrapbook paper and wrapping paper that I could dip into, as well!}  Here's what I came up with:

It was the perfect backdrop to set the party mood in our cabin.  {I did end up buying one pack of those fuschia fans from Oriental Trading when I was ordering the books for the smash book project, but I had everything else.}

It's hard to see in the picture there, but we used sewing patterns topped with clear plastic to cover the tables. 

Of course, it didn't look like this for long!  Before long we had girls buzzing around, hot glue-ing and smash book-ing their little hearts out.  I was in absolute heaven for 3 days!  It's fun to watch the girls get excited about something they've never really done before.

Girls Camp is also a super spiritual high-point in my year.  These girls I am blessed to work with are so full of goodness and light.  They really are strong, valiant daughters of our Heavenly Father and I learn so much from being with them. 

The end of camp is bitter-sweet every year.  I miss it, but I'm not gonna' lie . . . it has been really nice to lay around in my jammies watching The Price is Right today {on my first official day of Summer Break} instead of running all over town gathering crafting supplies.  I just can't help but think {in the very back of my mind} of the projects we could do next year if  I get to be craft leader again . . . . oh, the possibilities . . .

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  1. That backdrop was GORGEOUS! You are so talented, it's ridiculous. Love, a fan.


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