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Mini Camp Smash Books
{Or What I'm Doing Today}

Today is Day 2 of Girls Camp.  I'm writing this post in advance, but I'm going to assume that things are going splendidly well and the girls are having more fun in the craft cabin than ever before.  #optimism

I wanted to show you one of the projects we are doing with the girls this weekend -- Mini Camp Smash Books.

You guys! Don't you love smash books?!  I have a whole board on Pinterest of smash book ideas -- many of them from my friend Emma.  I mean, I guess we're friends -- she used to babysit for us when she was young, but now she has an adorable baby of her own and she makes THE CUTEST smash book pages.  I love her.  So anyway -- if you haven't heard of them, Smash books are basically a return to old-school scrapbooking only waaaay cuter.

The idea began with this cute project from Dandee:

Adorable.  I thought it would be fun to go beyond the journal idea and let the girls start their own mini smash books with memories and mementos from Girls Camp. We bought the mini notebooks here.  I drew up some word art of the camp theme and made copies they can paste into their own books if they want.

Girls Camp Smash Books at
We have all kinds of washi tape, post-it notes, ribbons and other cool stuff they can use to create some fun pages and get ideas for other things they can do when they get home.  These are a few of the pages I threw together as examples:

Girls Camp Smash Books at
I also left plenty of room between these pages for journaling, photos and such.
Girls Camp Smash Books at
Every group has to pick a spiritual song to sing at the Saturday a.m. "Morningside" program.  The music flips up so you can journal on the page beneath it.

Girls Camp Smash Books at
The ribbon page markers are my favorite!!

What do you think?  Have you hopped on the smash book bandwagon? 


  1. You and the craft cabin are a match made in heaven! :) I love these books! GENIUS IDEA! I've been thinking about you girls - I'm even having sympathy insomnia :)

    Have a blast <3

    1. It just wasn't the same without you Tammy!! I mean, Girls Camp is ALWAYS fun, but we definitely missed you. COME HOME!!!!!

  2. Doing this exact thing for our girls this year at camp. You just made my life a whole lot easier. Bless you.

    1. This was a HUGE hit with the girls. I could have offered the smash books and nothing else and the girls would have left crafts happy and still come back for more. Good luck with it!


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