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Book Page Wreath

Easy & Inexpensive Book Page Wreath at

Hi, friends!!  I'm a little embarrassed to admit how neglected my front porch has been lately.  I'm not sure if I've had a wreath up on my front door since, like, Christmas . . . that's almost half a year!!  It was time for a little mini-makeover so this week I threw together a few quick and inexpensive projects to spruce the space up.  The wreath situation was the most shameful so I tackled that first. 

If you have spent any time on the internet at all lately, I'm sure you all have seen the abundance of book page wreaths in all shapes and sizes.  I really like book page projects {like this printable art . . . and this bunny}  and I have a bunch of old books from the thrift store set aside for just such a project.  What's better is that you don't even need a wreath form to make this so it was extremely inexpensive.  

Easy & Inexpensive Book Page Wreath at

To create this wreath all you need is an old book, a piece of card stock or thin cardboard, a piece of ribbon {any width or color} to create a hanger on the back, and lots of hot glue.  

Begin by carefully tearing a bunch of pages out of your book.  Roll each page into a narrow cone shape and secure with hot glue.  Once you have a big pile of cones made {my wreath took 70}, trace a dinner plate onto your piece of card stock and cut it out to create the base for your wreath.

Imagine that your circle is a clock and hot glue a cone at 12, 3, 6, and 9.  This will ensure that your cones don't get crooked as you glue them around the circle.  Fill in the spaces with more cones until your outer circle is complete.  Create the inner circle the same way, trimming 2-3 inches off the pointy end of the cones if needed and gluing them directly on top of the outer circle cones.

Easy & Inexpensive Book Page Wreath at

Create an accordion pinwheel and glue it on to cover all the raw edges in the center of your wreath.  My book just happened to have a cool G in the title so I cut it out and added the little monogram in the center.  

To finish, flip your wreath over and hot glue the ribbon in a loop on the back to create a hanger.  Slip the loop over the hook of your wreath hanger on your door and you're done!  I only managed to burn myself {badly} once in the whole process, which is not too shabby for me.

Easy & Inexpensive Book Page Wreath at

I like the way it pops on my black door.  Plus, it adds a whole lotta' visual punch for exactly $0 -- my favorite price!  Thanks for stopping by today.  Join me this week to see how the porch shapes up with the rest of my inexpensive DIY ideas.

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