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Free Printables: Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Boards at /
Hi there, friends!  I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend.  It looked like our pool party was going to be rained out for a few minutes, but the storm blew over quickly and the kiddos were able to celebrate the end of summer in grand style . . . Even though they've been in school and summer has more-or-less been over for a month, just sayin'.  

Before we get to the fun printables I want to share with y'all today, I'm going to share my thoughts that inspired them.  I'm just going to pull out my soapbox for a minute, OK?  I have come to the shocking realization lately that I don't really have little kids anymore.  My two oldest are teenagers {Heaven help us!} and my "baby" is right on their heels.  They spend a fair amount of time on the internet checking in on Facebook, watching Netflix, and playing games with their friends.  I feel like we have done a pretty good job teaching our kids how to conduct themselves with integrity and dignity in virtual social situations as well as real-life.  To be honest, they're just naturally REALLY good kids, but I'm not ignorant to what teenagers do {or are tempted to do} with the modern technology to which they have such ready access.  

Our computer work area is right out in the open.  If I sit in the corner seat of our sofa I can read right over my kids' shoulders and see exactly what they're doing on there, and they KNOW that I DO.  It's how we roll up in here.  No privacy on the internet.  That goes for Brent and myself as well.  The internet isn't a "private" place so you don't need privacy to create anything you're putting out there.  That is all.  

*stepping down off of soapbox*

Whew!  Thanks for listening to that. I found a few quotes lately that epitomize what I want my kids to remember in every single social situation they encounter -- every time they leave our house to go to school, or to a friends house, or log onto a social media channel, or talk on the telephone, or send an email, or a text, anytime, anywhere.  I thought it would be a helpful, friendly reminder if I typed them up and put them next to our computer work area so the kids couldn't help but see them.  All. The. Time.

Here are the printable quotes:

Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Printables at /

Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Printables at /

Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Printables at /

If you would like to download and use these designs for your personal use:  

Simply hold the CTRL button down while clicking on the image to open it in a new window.  In the new window, make sure it is full size by clicking on the image then right click and save it to your computer.  These files are an odd size -- 11x17 -- and can be printed by uploading the files to Staples Copy & Print Center website and choosing a full-color 11x17 cardstock print for less than $2.  {I didn't use cardstock for my prints you'll see in the images in this post and I wish I had.  Next time I'll fork out the little bit of extra money for sure.}

You could stop here and just tape your mini-posters to the wall or stick them to the fridge with magnets or whatever.  I wanted to create some hangers for them so that they could easily be changed out when I find some new inspiration in the future.   See how I made my hanging boards in this post.

Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Boards at /
I am IN LOVE with how my new Inspirational {Interchangeable} Quote Boards turned out! The kids have each said {at different times, about one or the other of the quotes}, "You know mom, that's really true."  I smile and nod, like I'm some kinda' brilliant.  Then I say a prayer of gratitude because I know if they weren't really good kids to begin with, a couple of posters by the computer wouldn't really make any difference after all.  

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?  Leave a comment and share with the rest of us if you do!


  1. I LOVE THIS! I love the prints. I love the boards! I've been looking for a cute way to hang a few prints and can't wait to see how your made yours.

    Thanks for sharing with us all!
    Amy @

    1. Thanks so much! You won't believe how easy the boards are to make. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. SO adorable! You are amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing these! they are great!!

  4. The board is a fab make & the text very inspirational.

  5. Thanks, these helped me complete a DT project!


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