My 3 Monsters: Grands! Pizza Bake{Super Easy Weeknight Dinner Idea}

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Grands! Pizza Bake
{Super Easy Weeknight Dinner Idea}

Well, we have officially been back to school for a month now.  Does the after school/evening routine ever get any easier?!  I feel really lucky to have my husband home right now to help out with all the homework and library trips and lessons and play dates and inevitable errands to run.  I have always had to do all those things by myself before AND try to have a clean house and a hot meal on the table at a reasonable hour.  It can get exhausting!

That's why I try in every way possible to simplify meal preparation.  I like to plan my meals out for each week and write it on our big family calendar.  This keeps the kids {who always want to know "what's for dinner"}happy and keeps me organized.  I am less likely to run pick up fast food on the way home from voice lessons if I already have a plan for when I get home.  I also like to do as much of the prep work for dinner as I can ahead of time.  My mid-mornings are usually pretty quiet around here so I find that is a good time to get my brain around what I'm doing for dinner.  I take the meat out of the freezer and do any vegetable-chopping that can be done in advance.  If I'm preparing a casserole it's really helpful if I can assemble it in the morning and keep it in the refrigerator all day so all I have to do in the evening is pop it in the oven.  Sometimes, when my family gets really lucky, I even use that free time start a batch of fresh bread or rolls.  That is something  I NEVER have time for if I wait until 5:00 to start thinking about what we're going to eat that night.

I also have a great arsenal of go-to weeknight recipes that I can whip up in about 30 minutes and that are guaranteed crowd pleasers.  I've shared many of them with y'all here on the blog.  Today I want to share one of my newest favorite dinners -- Grands! Pizza Bake, made with delicious Pillsbury Grands! biscuits.

Super easy weeknight dinner idea: Grands! Pizza Bake recipe at
We made one batch following the {super tasty} original Grands! Pepperoni Pizza Bake recipe found on Pillsbury's website, but then we also made a second batch and decided to get a little funky with it.  Do you ever have a night where you are just craving a super delicious, deep dish supreme pizza?  Yeah.  I do.  I did. The night I decided to make this recipe.  So our second batch was Ultimate Supreme Pizza Bake and it was to-die-for-delicious.

We followed the same basic recipe as the Grands! Pepperoni Pizza Bake, but we also browned up about a pound of sweet italian sausage with some diced green peppers and threw those in the baking dish, too.

Yep, we just loaded that good stuff right on top of the Grands! biscuit pieces, sauce and pepperoni in the baking dish. We thought we might as well add a few sliced olives, mushrooms, and green onions as well.  As long as we were gettin' funky, you know. Here's what will come out of  your oven after about 20 minutes:

Super easy weeknight dinner idea: Grands! Pizza Bake recipe at

Super easy weeknight dinner idea: Grands! Pizza Bake recipe at

Yummy, cheesy, deep-dish perfection.  It was every bit as satisfying as if it had been delivered from some pizza joint.  Maybe more so.  My kids said the pepperoni one was yummy, but I'll be honest, I didn't even try it.  I'm an ultimate supreme girl through-and-through and that one was heavenly.  It only took about 10 minutes of prep time and 20-ish minutes in the oven.  I tossed a big green salad while it was baking to round out the meal and, boom, 30 minute dinner!

You guys!  I started looking around Pillsbury's website and they have a ton of yummy recipes like this that can help you be the star at your family dinner table.  You can even download this recipe book for easy reference.  Which Grands! recipe are you excited to try?  I think Grands! Taco Melts are going to show up on my table in the very near future . . .

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