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FREE Holiday Printables!

Well, Thanksgiving is over and we're doing Christmas now, right? Time is flying so fast this year, I can't seem to keep up!  Did you guys go Black Friday shopping this morning?  I used to go every year when my kids were small.  Something about getting up in the cold, dark hours of the morning, chasing deals while my family was home sleeping was super exciting to me.  One year, the last time all my sisters and I were together for Thanksgiving, we pulled an all-nighter and hit a bunch of stores.  I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life.  Now that I have a high-schooler who takes a zero-hour seminary class and I have the privilege of getting up in the cold, dark morning hours every single day while the rest of the family sleeps away, Black Friday has lost some of its allure.  I prefer to be the one sleeping in and relaxing now.

Wow.  I just turned 40, but I may as well be 100.

In honor of the kick-off to Christmas today, I whipped up some Holiday Printables as a gift for all my online besties.

Free Holiday Printables at /
Remember the Interchangable Quote Boards that I made a while back?  I originally designed these printables to fit those, but I also scaled them down to fit in a normal sized frame, too.  They're cheery and bright and make me smile when I see them.  

If you would like to download and use these designs for your personal use:  

Simply hold the CTRL button down while clicking on any of the images below to open it in a new window.  In the new window, make sure it is full size by clicking on the image then right click and save it to your computer.  The odd size designs -- 11x17 -- can be printed by uploading the files to Staples Copy & Print Center website and choosing a full-color 11x17 cardstock print for less than $2.  The standard size files -- 8x10 -- can be printed at any photo processing center and framed.  {FYI:  the red looks NEON on the screen, but is really much more mellow when printed.  I'm not sure why that happened.  Sorry!}

Let it Snow 11x17
Free Holiday Printables at /

  All is Calm 11x17
Free Holiday Printables at /

Merry Little Christmas 11x17
Free Holiday Printables at /

Let it Snow 8x10
Free Holiday Printables at /

All is Calm 8x10
Free Holiday Printables at /

Merry Little Christmas 8x10
Free Holiday Printables at /

Whether you went out shopping today or stayed home to enjoy a little low-key family time, I hope this was an excellent start to your holiday season.  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy-ness to stop by here.  Hope your holidays are wonderful, my friends!

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