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Piña Colada Smoothies

Piña Colada Smoothies at /

Hello, my dears!  I can hardly believe that I almost forgot to share one of my favorite recipes with you guys.  You may remember me mentioning that I did a guest post and shared this fun recipe over at I Heart Nap Time earlier in the summer.  {Hence all the summery photos.}  Summer may be coming to an end, but we are still loving these piña colada smoothies.

What I love about this recipe is that you can make your own smoothie "kits" and keep them in your freezer so a piña colada is always just a few seconds away.  It's a perfect quick breakfast for busy mornings, especially if you have kids who are not big morning eaters.  They're made with greek yogurt and frozen pineapple so they're pretty healthy, and you could add a scoop of protein powder when you blend the whole thing up to give it a little more fill-you-up-ness.  Yeah, I just made up that word.

You will need:
1 can of crushed pineapple {in real juice}
2 small cartons of vanilla greek yogurt  {Toasted coconut vanilla is delicious in this if your local grocery store carries it!}
1 can of sweetened coconut milk

Let's get to it!  Create your smoothie "kits" by making yogurt and pineapple ice cubes.  Spoon your yogurt and pineapple {juice and all} into an ice cube tray and freeze until solid.  You should get 6 yogurt cubes from each container of yogurt and 18-21 pineapple cubes out of your can.

Piña Colada Smoothies at /

Once the cubes are frozen, place 4 yogurt cubes and 6 or 7 pineapple cubes into a freezer bag.  You'll get 3 smoothie "kits" out of this recipe and each kit makes 2 smoothies.  

To make the smoothies:

Dump the contents of one "kit" into your blender.  Add 2/3 cup of sweetened coconut milk and 1 cup of regular milk.  {If you can't find sweetened coconut milk, just stir a little sugar into your regular coconut milk until it is as sweet as you like.}  Blend until smooth, adding a little extra milk if it's too thick, and serve.  Easy cheesy and super delicious!

Piña Colada Smoothies at /

I love that there is no ice in this recipe to water it down.  The frozen pineapple and yogurt cubes mean each smoothie is packed with flavor!!  Now that I have smoothie kits in my freezer my kids {and I} are set for easy morning goodness this school year!  

You could create a bunch of different flavor combinations by freezing various flavors of greek yogurt and fruits.  Vanilla yogurt and mixed berries would be super yummy.  So would raspberry yogurt and frozen peaches -- kinda' like a peach melba.  Coconut yogurt and mango, too . . . ooh,I could dream up yummy combos all day! 

What is your personal favorite smoothie flavor?


Back-to-School Binder Makeover
{With Martha Stewart Decoupage}

This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts/Plaid and BluePrint Social.

Oilcloth and Lace Binder Makeover at /
 It's that time of year again . . . Back to School.  Love it or hate it {we have both sides represented in our home} it happens nonetheless.  One of my very most favorite things about this time of year is buying school supplies. Fresh #2 pencils with their perfect pink erasers . . . composition books . . . binders . . . .Mmmm!  Love it all.  Turns out when we got home from our annual supply shopping trip this time we were one binder short.  How we managed that I'll never know.  Instead of braving the over-crowded store aisles again, I dug out a perfectly good binder we already owned.  Not one of my children would be caught dead with that binder in their backpack.  {You'll see why. Hee hee.}  Major props to Martha Stewart Decoupage for saving the day!!

I mean, it's not THAT bad, is it?!

Yeah.  It's that bad and then some.  I picked it up years ago on back-to-school clearance {What?!  Nobody else wanted it then either?} to use as a coupon binder.  Since I no longer coupon religiously it was just sitting, waiting to be loved again.  The good news is that I had just received a box of Martha Stewart Decoupage goodies in the mail to play around with.  Martha Stewart makes everything prettier!

Oilcloth and Lace Binder Makeover at /
Just look at that pretty lace!  And  I couldn't wait to try out the oilcloth finish.  It's washable!  What?!  We started off taming that colorful monstrosity of a binder with a solid turquoise finish using Martha Stewart Multi-Surface craft paint.  The color is called Surf.   It took 3 or 4 coats to cover up alla' that color and pattern, but it worked beautifully.  I love the multi-surface paint because it doesn't get that yucky crusty feeling finish when you use it on fabric.  

I should have taken a photo of it at this point, but I was too excited to start dolling it up with the lace.

Oilcloth and Lace Binder Makeover at /I placed my lace on the diagonal, following the seams on my binder.  I laid out the lace first, cutting it to fit.  Then I painted on a fairly thick coat of the decoupage, laid my cut lace in place on top, followed by another fairly thick coat of decoupage.  It seems like a lot, but you want to make sure the lace is completely saturated so it will adhere well.  I painted a coat of the oilcloth finish decoupage all over the binder at this point as well.

Oilcloth and Lace Binder Makeover at /
After waiting a couple hours to allow that first coat to dry completely, I painted about 3 more coats all over the binder {drying in between}.  You may feel like you are ruining your project with each new coat as you see all the holes in the pretty lace fill up with white goop.  Just know that it will dry clear and the lace is beautiful again when all is said and done.  

Once all my coats were dry I didn't love the brush strokes I could see in the shiny finish.  That is probably just due to my poor decoupage technique.  I took a small piece of fine grit sand paper and gave the whole binder a VERY light sanding.  This just smoothed the whole thing out and polished it right up to a perfect oilcloth gleam.

I adore the oilcloth finish!  Together with the oh-so-pretty lace it has a bit of a vintage feel to it.  Like if they had Trapper Keepers back in the 40's . . . or something. When the binder gets dingy from being used day in and day out, we can just wipe it clean and it will be as good as new.  My daughter will happily claim this binder now that it got a "Martha" glam makeover.  The best part is, no one in school will have one like it!  {Mom of the Year doing a happy dance right here.}

Head to Michael's craft store and check out the entire Martha Stewart Decoupage line.  The decoupage medium comes in a variety of finishes and, in addition to the lace, there are beautiful fabrics and papers, as well as cutout shapes that you can use to create a million one-of-a-kind projects.

You can also find Plaid Crafts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their blog Paint Me Plaid.

See what others have created with these products:

*This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Decoupage and Plaid as a part of a Blueprint Social Campaign. I received product and compensation for sharing my experience with my own craft project and tutorial in my own words.  All opinions are 100% my own.


Diamond Candles Giveaway!

I am so excited to have a giveaway on the blog today!  I love finding a really fun new product and I love it even more when I get to give one away to one of y'all.  

My daughter, Sydney, came to me a while back bouncing-off-the-walls excited about this product she had found online -- a candle that had a ring inside it that was worth anywhere from $10 to $5,000.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting much when she showed me the website, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised.  It seemed like a really high-quality product and I liked the whole back story of how Diamond Candles came to be.  I was even more surprised when, about a week later, I got an email asking if I would like to try one out AND give one away on my blog.  Ummm, yes, please!

The hardest part was trying to pick a scent. Ultimately I chose Pomegranate Lemonade {which doesn't look like it's available anymore -- sad}, but I was tempted by Black Raspberry Vanilla,  Island Getaway, and Cupcake, too. {I'm convinced that you can't go wrong here.}

I could tell my candle had arrived the minute I opened the mailbox.  It smelled heavenly -- sweet and citrus-y, but mild and not at all overwhelming.  I have had candles in the past that almost knock you over with a wall of perfume when you walk in the room.  This is not that candle. I've also had candles that basically don't smell at all.  This is not that either.   It's just enough aroma to make everything smell perfectly pleasant.

After several days of burning the candle my kids could wait no longer.  They had to get that ring out of there and have a look at it.

Sis carefully dug it out {because I made her PROMISE to not ruin my candle!!} and was thrilled to find this sparkly little number:

It's not super valuable, but it sure is pretty!  Sydney claimed the ring for herself since she was the one who "discovered" Diamond Candles.  Here's your chance to win a Diamond Candle for yourself!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be contacted Monday, September 9th.  These all-natural, handmade candles would make perfect birthday and holiday gifts for all the women in our lives.  {I think Sis already has some picked out for her besties for Christmas!}  

You can also find Diamond Candles on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I was given a Diamond Candle to try out and Review.  As always, the opinions expressed in this post are my own.


The Tufted Headboard Tutorial
{for People Who Think They Can't Make a Tufted Headboard}

Hi guys!  Today I am going to share one little link with you that will change your life.  Actually, if you have ever wanted a tufted headboard and thought there was no way you could make one, prepare to have your mind blown.  Everyone else, prepare to be  . . . mildly entertained, I hope.

Unless you've been living under a rock or have never watched HGTV or been on Pinterest, you know that tufted upholstered headboards are ALL THE RAGE right now.  Seriously.  You can hardly throw a rock on the internet without hitting a tufted headboard tutorial.  But you can see why, right?  These things are gorgeous! {And can get super expensive . . . }

Devona Tufted Headboard 

Tufted Headboard Tutorial at / 

Tufted Headboard Tutorial at / 

 Tufted Headboard Tutorial at / 
My personal favorite!{source}

Granted, I spend a whole lotta' time perusing design sites so maybe I see tufted headboards  more than most normal people, but I am completely smitten.  Ever since I saw the movie The Proposal years ago and saw that upholstered bed, I knew I needed to have one someday. 
{Yeah, I was checking out the furniture while most people would have been checking out Ryan Reynolds.  So what?!  My husband has nothing to worry about . . . }

When something I love is so trendy, I sometimes wonder if I like it because I have such great taste {naturally!} or if I'm just one of the herd of decorating cattle being lead from one trend to the next by the truly stylish people out there.  I guess it doesn't really matter . . .  The point is, tufted headboards!

Tufted Headboard Tutorial at /

When I started planning my friend's guest bedroom makeover I really wanted to add a tufted headboard in the space.  I knew it would give the room a luxurious, upscale feel and be the perfect contrast to the strong grid of the board and batten accent wall behind it.  So I looked at probably a hundred different tutorials to make my own tufted headboard and got a little scared.  I'm a DIY-er to the bones and I usually jump into new projects without hesitation, but this one confounded me.  Maybe it was because it was for someone else's house so I really wanted it to be perfect.  I worried that, even with really good, clear instructions, it would come out cheap or cheesy looking.  All that drilling holes and pulling buttons on strings and keeping everything straight and even stuff seemed like a lot of potential for things to go very, very wrong.

And then I found a tutorial that seemed fool-proof.  No drilling.  No strings.  The tufts were created by screwing washers and screws from the top, through the fabric and foam and into the plywood backing and then covering the screws by gluing buttons on top.  I felt like I would have a lot more control over the finished look using this method.  This is it, tufted-headboard-making friends.  The life changing link I promised you:

I'm not even going to try to re-write her awesome tutorial since I followed her steps exactly and it turned out beautifully.  The only thing I did differently was use an egg-crate foam mattress topper {King size, folded in half to make a double layer}instead of buying the 4-inch thick foam she recommends.  It was a little less expensive and looks just as plush.  To add a little sparkle, I used little silver and gold vintage buttons instead of fabric-covered buttons like you would traditionally see on a tufted headboard.

Tufted Headboard Tutorial at /

You can kind of see in this picture that we were using the existing IKEA Hemnes bed frame and headboard with the four posts removed. 
I made the upholstered piece to fit right in between the vertical supports and sit flat up against the main wood piece.  We attached it securely to the headboard with three screws going from the back of the headboard into the tufted piece.  Easy cheesy!  Now I feel so empowered, I want to upholster and tuft everything I see.  {But seriously, Sydney's room is so getting one of these.  And so is mine, but Brent doesn't know it yet.  Shhhhhh.}

Have a great weekend, friends!


The Decorating Domino Effect

Hi there, friends!  

You know how sometimes you decide to do a simple project in your home that should take no more than an afternoon?  And then that project turns out looking so good that everything else in the room looks shabby so you decide to "quickly" fix up one more small thing?  And then maybe one more? But you're trying not to spend any money so you "shop your house" for the supplies you need which leaves you with a new pretty good space and a different shabby one?  So you keep moving stuff around until you fill in all the gaps and redistribute all your good stuff and dump a lot of the bad stuff?  And then you decide to paint a mural in your boys' room? And then, suddenly, your one afternoon has turned into an entire week away from your beloved blog friends? 

Yeah, that.  It all started a little over a week ago when we decided we would quickly put some new flooring down in our boys' bedroom.  The flooring was a very generous gift from a friend of ours and our boys were thrilled that their bedroom had finally reached the top of my "Rooms That Need Work" list.  I warned them that we were JUST DOING THE FLOOR right now, nothing else.  They were excited nonetheless.  

The floor really did only take us about an afternoon to install and it looks fabulous.  But as long as we were moving furniture anyway to lay the flooring, I decided maybe we should just un-bunk the beds like they had been asking.  And while we were at it, I threw caution to the wind and decided to see if there was a different layout we could try for funsies.  As soon as I had measured the room and drawn it to scale on graph paper in my planning notebook, I should have known we were in real trouble.  That was the step that pushed it beyond "just doing the floor" and into a real project. 

With the floor making the room look so much better, it became glaringly obvious that the closet organization was just NOT doing the trick.  In addition to their clothes and "toys", the boys had all the kids' sheets, towels and blankets in their closet which didn't really make sense.  It would be so much more practical to have one common linen closet for all the sheets and towels in the house -- and that closet was in the master bedroom.  That would mean that we would need more shelving in the master bedroom linen closet and the boys would probably, really, need a little less, so we decided to switch the shelving units between the two closets.  
Which lead to a full weekend of reorganizing the linen closet -- sorting through what we actually need to keep and what we should donate, cleaning out all the junk and learning how to fold my sheets so they look awesome are neat and orderly on the shelves. {A whole post on that to come!  It was life changing for me!}  We also went through all our boys' clothes, reorganizing, refolding, and moving them to the shelves in the closet.

Then, with the beds un-bunked and in their new positions, the artwork on the walls needed to be moved.  Which made me really look at the art for the first time in a long while and realize it's not quite . . . right.   We are all just so over it. Plus, with the reddish wood tone floor in there instead of gray, there was TOO MUCH RED.  The artwork is red, furniture is red, the curtains are red, the faux-brick wall in there is {more-or-less} red.  I had to face facts:  the boys' room needs more attention. {And after that so does the master bathroom.}

{Sorry for all the grainy cell phone photos.}  And that's where we are right now.  I'm planning to paint a weathered looking vintage black and white logo mural on the faux-brick wall to replace the logo that used to be painted on the floor.  It will brighten up the space and give it a big 'ol graphic kick in the pants.   Then I'll paint the beds and dresser navy blue with the paint leftover from Sis's room which will eliminate the red problem.  {But also make the curtains look like crap. I think I have some old white curtains in the garage that we can resurrect . . . }  I'll also sew some tailored bed skirts and new t-shirt pillow cases that have more yellow in them since I'm liking the idea of a navy/gray/yellow/white color scheme in there right now. 

We have fallen victim to what I call the Decorating Domino Effect.  One successful project almost always begets another, which begets another, so on and so forth.  Which is why my house will never be "finished".  

The end.


Healthy Snacking Your Kids Will Love!!

My kiddos went back to school this week, so, yay!  And boo . . . I do like having a few quiet hours a day to get stuff done around the house, but I dread packing lunches.  Like, seriously, it's my least favorite school year chore.  Trying to keep a pantry full of healthy{ish} snacks and a decent variety of meal options is like pulling teeth for me, but this year I am determined to do it.  We will not resort to the pb&j and cheese curls standard that has become our {cop-out} staple in years past.  At least not too often . . .

Here's my issue, which I hope is a common one:  my kids don't love vegetables.  Or fruit, really, for that matter.  I have failed as a mother.  I would love for them to pack carrot sticks or apple slices more often.  In fact, I used to send apple slices with each of my kids every day only to find that they were tossing them, uneaten, into the trash.  Every. Single. Day.  That's a complete waste not only of perfectly good food, but of plastic bags and MY TIME.  While I still push the fresh snacks on them here at home where I can make sure they're not being wasted, I have long hoped to find some ways to sneak a little extra veggie goodness into their lunches.

Enter Green Giant Veggie Chips!!  
Displaying Green Giant Veggie Chips Key Visual 1.jpg
They're low in fat and packed with whole grain and delicious flavor.  While they're not a substitute for fresh vegetables, they're a might healthier than cheese curls or many other kinds of snacks that kids tend to choose.  I thought they sounded delicious -- Garden Ranch flavored Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips and  Barbecue Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips, yes please.  But would the kids eat them?  See for yourself: 

 Those few crumbs and a rumpled bag were all that were left for me to photograph after the kids got their hands on them.  Sad.  But also, yay!!  For the record, there is a bag of cheese curls still sitting in the pantry.  My kiddos chose veggie chips over cheese curls!  Hooray for small victories. 

So, spill the beans everyone.  How do you get your kids to snack healthier?  Help a mom out, y'all!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Easy New England PORK Roast
{with Kraft Recipe Makers}

I'm not a big meat eater, if I'm being honest, but one thing I love is a Sunday Pot Roast Dinner.  Yeah, I capitalized that.  It deserves it.  Is there anything better than coming home from church {or heck, any long, busy day} to a house that smells like a little bit of meaty heaven and a dinner that has almost miraculously cooked itself?!  I can't think of many things that top it.  

For me, though, crock pot roast is something of a gamble.  I prepare it exactly the same way every time, but sometimes it comes out 8 hours later juicy and flaky and other times it's tough and flavorless.  I was really excited to give Kraft Recipe Makers New England Pot Roast kit a try.  I had high hopes that it would be my Sunday dinner salvation.  {There are lots of different varieties that all look delicious, but I immediately honed in on the Pot Roast one for just this reason.}

I found the Recipe Makers kits at Safeway on the aisle with all the marinades and simmering sauce-type meal starter kits.  While we were there we also picked up a roast and some fresh vegetables -- carrots, onions and potatoes.  Sunday morning I loaded up my crock pot before heading to church:

New England PORK Roast {featuring Kraft Recipe Makers} at /

I know what you're thinking . . . that's not a pot roast.  That's what is fun about these Recipe Makers kits -- you can customize them to suit your family.  Each box has directions to prepare the dish three different ways.  We were in the mood for a pork roast for a change of pace, so that's what I used.  I also wanted mashed potatoes so I kept my potatoes out of the crock pot and prepared them separately.  Now, I hate pictures of raw meat, but look at that delicious simmer sauce that you pour all over the top to give the meat and vegetables flavor while they cook!  It smelled pretty heavenly before I even turned the crock pot on.  

When we got home a few hours later we could smell all that roast-y scrumptious-ness as we walked up to the front door.  Yeah.  From outside the house.  I let it cook for a few more hours while we all took naps {until we couldn't stand to wait any longer} and then it was time to give it a try.  I added the packet of finishing sauce to all the juices in the pot and let that cook up for about 15 minutes while I made the mashed potatoes.  I adore easy dinners!!  Here's what we ended up with:

Are you ready?

Like, really ready?

'Cause it's a whole lotta' yum you're about to see.

New England PORK Roast {featuring Kraft Recipe Makers} at /

Seriously.  A WHOLE lotta' yum.  I used a slotted spoon to remove all the meat and vegetables to the platter, saving the yummy gravy to serve over the potatoes.  The meat was moist and tender and the simmer sauce gave it a little bit of sweet flavor which was a hit all around.  

New England PORK Roast {featuring Kraft Recipe Makers} at /
So there you have it -- New England PORK Roast.  Super delicious if you're hungry for something a little different.  I can't wait to try all the other Kraft Recipe Makers at our family dinners in the weeks to come.  
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


{Guest Bedroom Project Reveal}

Hello friends!  I finally got my act together enough to share the big, fun project that I worked on while my kids were away this summer and I CANNOT WAIT to show you how it turned out.  My friend Dee Ann recently had one of her daughters get married which left her with an empty bedroom.  {I dream of having a vacant bedroom one day . . .}  She wanted to turn it into a guest bedroom that would also be sort of an oasis/getaway spot for her, too.  I was thrilled when she asked me to take on the project!!

Before I show you the room, I have to tell you a little bit about Dee Ann.  We have served together in different capacities at church for years.  She has been a friend and a mentor and a fabulous example to me over the years.  I don't know anyone else who does as much for other people as Dee Ann does.  She cooks dinners, babysits kids, gives rides, sews, fund-raises, listens and encourages, like, 23 hours a day.  I hope she sleeps sometimes, but I can't say that I've ever seen her.  She is waiting for a kidney transplant right now and still does all those things I mentioned before as well as working as a pediatric ICU nurse.  This is a lady who truly deserves a beautiful room where she can unwind sometimes!

So, here's what I showed her as an inspiration board before beginning on the project:

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
I immediately thought of using gray and white as the color scheme because it is so crisp and clean looking, but I wanted to add some pops of coral and some silvery-mirrory-sparkly pretties, too.  I wanted to do a cool accent wall treatment to add a little more architectural interest to the room and I have been really wanting to try my hand at creating a tufted headboard.  I had purchased those coral Anthropologie pillow shams a while back on clearance, but they just didn't look right in my house.  I knew they'd be beautiful in this room.  So this was the jumping-off point.

I'm terrible about taking before pictures of my projects.  I always forget, but here's a general idea {we may have already started painting before I remembered}:

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
The bed originally sat on the wall with the window, but I felt like the room might flow better if we swung it around and put it on the wall next to the bathroom door.  You can see that the walls were white with blue trim and the furniture was wood.  All it took was two cans of paint and none of that was the same anymore!  I have a little obsession with painting everything I see . . .

And finally, here's what we ended up with:

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
We used a sheet of 1/2 inch MDF cut into 4-inch strips to create the grid treatment on the accent wall.  With all the measuring and caulking and nail filling and sanding and priming and painting involved, that was probably the most time consuming project in the room, but you just can't beat the major character it adds to the space. 

We used their original bed frame, but painted it white and built a tufted piece that attached right to the old headboard with a couple of screws.  The gray velvet {found for only $5 a yard!!} and the deep tufting added some necessary softness to the space and makes the bed an extra comfy spot to curl up and read.

The night stand was a piece that they already had in the room, too.  It was an oak ice chest style end table that didn't really fit the style I was going for, but I figured if we removed the door and all the hardware we could love it back into shape.  Some spackle in the screw holes and a couple coats of metallic silver paint were all it needed to fit right in and look brand new.  {I didn't think there would be room for a night stand on the other side of the bed next to the bathroom door, but there actually is.  Now I'll be on the thrift-store hunt for another piece begging for some silver paint . . .}

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
At the foot of the bed is the dresser that they had in the space.  We just gave it a few coats of the same semi-gloss white paint we used on the accent wall to make it look fresh and new.  I am so jealous of that dresser -- Dee Ann found it at a thrift store for 99 cents!  Less than a dollar, friends!!!  It looks like a million bucks!  That mirror hanging above it was one of my thrift shop finds {$4} that I mod-podged vintage sheet music onto.

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
I also found this lamp and lamp shade at the thrift shop. {$5 for both!}  The lamp was clear glass so I took it apart and sprayed the inside with Looking Glass spray paint -- it's a super reflective metallic silver that adds just the right amount of glam.  I covered the lamp shade in that pretty coral and blue print fabric with a grosgrain ribbon accent.

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
I used more of the print fabric to make a honeycomb smocked accent pillow {just like the one I made for Sydney's room last year} for the bed.  I knew the duvet cover set I bought had two pillow cases in it and I was planning on using the coral shams I had so I took the polka dot pillow cases from the sheet set and sewed up some pleated ruffle pillows, too.

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
My favorite thing in this room is probably the photo frame wreath above the bed {inspired by this one by Thistlewood Farms via Infarrently Creative}.  I asked Dee Ann to pick out about 20 of her favorite family photos which I scanned into my computer, scaled down to wallet-size, and printed in black and white.  After framing them all up I wired them onto a grapevine wreath and added a simple grosgrain bow.  I feel like every room should have some real personal touches and this was just the thing this room was calling for.

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
For one last little touch of bling, I hung this mini chandelier pendant next to the bed instead of putting a lamp on the night stand.  We also installed a vinyl plank floor {that looks fabulous, if I do say so myself, and only cost 50 cents a square foot -- bargain of the century!}, put up new white wood slat blinds, and hung some custom art that I created using Gimp.

Here's one more look at the finished room, because I just can't get enough:

Creating a beautiful guest bedroom at /
What do you think?!  I'll be posting a few tutorials with more detailed instructions for some of the individual projects in the next few weeks so watch for that.  I loved working on this room so much I was a little sad to finally finish.  That just means I need to find something new to work on in my house . . .

I'll be sharing this project here:

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