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Lace Embellished Tank Top

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 Hi guys!  Today I'm sharing one of the easiest projects I have ever made -- my Lace Embellished Tank Top. In fact, taking pictures of this finished top was WAAAAAAY harder than actually making the top.  I was using my webcam to take a selfie -- while sucking in my gut and trying not to pass out -- and that grainy photo up there was the best of the 9,000 or so that I took!  Whatever.  You're here to learn how to embellish a tank top, not take a selfie, so let's get to it!  {If you're here to learn how to take a selfie, you'll be sorely disappointed!}

Lace Embellished Tank Top Tutorial

  • plain tank top {pre-washed so it won't shrink after the lace is applied -- mine was $4 at Walmart.}
  • lace applique {I got mine from Wholeport -- they have an awesome selection for great prices.}
  • washable permanent fabric glue

Step 1: Place the applique.  Put on your tank top and hold the lace up to the neckline to decide where you want to place it.  The shape of this specific applique followed the shape of my tank top pretty well. Use several pins to hold the lace in place when you take the tank top off. 

Lace Embellished Tank Top at /

Step 2:  Adjust the lace to get a perfect fit.  When I pined the lace applique on to my tank top, it was a little too short to reach the top of the strap.  It was also a little wider than my tank top strap, so I cut out a few of the flower shapes that were hanging off the edge and moved them to the top.  Pin those pieces in place, too.

Lace Embellished Tank Top at /
Step 3:  Attach the lace to the tank top with fabric glue.  Make sure you get permanent glue, not the kind that will wash out. I tried this Flexible Stretchable Fabric Glue from Aleene's.  I had never used it before, but it said it was good for stretchy fabrics, so I thought it would probably work well.  Before you begin gluing, put something between the two layers of your shirt so you don't accidentally glue it together!  I used this old cutting mat that I have just for things like this.

Lace Embellished Tank Top at /

Starting in the center, gently pick up parts of the lace and put dabs of glue underneath, then press it down to attach it to the tank top.  I focused mainly on the edges and the big flowers.  Work your way from the center to the ends, removing pins as you go. The glue dries clear, so it's not a really big deal if you use a little too much.  I kept some paper towel close by to dab up any excess glue.  

Allow the glue to dry completely and you are finished!  I laid it out and let it dry over night to make good and sure it was dry.  Follow the instructions on your bottle of glue for washing -- usually you have wait a certain length of time for the glue to completely set before washing.

Lace Embellished Tank Top at /
I told you it was easy -- almost embarrassingly so!    I'm thinking about going back and getting a few more colors of tank tops to make some more.  For $6 each I can totally afford several of them.

Are you starting to get spring fever?  I'm all ready for pastels and thin sweaters for sure!

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Oh, My Gosh is that ever pretty and feminine! I love it! I always buy solid colored T-shirts, and now I have an inspiration to draw upon to have a fancier one to wear, thanks to you! Sweeeeet!


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