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Back to School with LLZ by LockerLookz

Thanks to LLZ by LockerLookz for sponsoring this post.

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
It's getting to be that time of year again . . . Back to School!! Did you love it or hate it as a kid?  To this day I LOVE new school supplies. Fresh pens, folders and binders?  Yes, please.  And, to be perfectly honest, I was a little bit nerdy.  I genuinely liked learning.  The only drawback was that we moved around a lot -- like, A LOT -- so it felt like I was always the new kid who didn't know where to go or what to do.  Plus, I was pretty shy and also {remember} nerdy, so that was a struggle.  As a mom, I try to focus on the positive and make back-to-school shopping a fun treat for my three kiddos.  The older they get, though, the harder they are to impress.  Gone are the days when a new box of crayons could elicit a happy dance.  My daughter, a JUNIOR this year, has hit her "senior slump" about a year and a half early.  Thankfully, we discovered LLZ by LockerLookz!

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
This is what a typical locker at our high school looks like.  Not super inspiring, and, I might add, a little bit gross.  Not to mention, she got a bottom locker for the first time this year.  That's all easy enough to change with LLZ.  Well, not the bottom thing -- I can't change that, but she's short, so there's the bright side.  

Before we went to the school, we played around on the Design Your Locker tool on the LockerLookz website so she could explore all the cool products, from memo boards and mirrors to pecil cups and magnets, and decide what she wanted to do.  Here's a screenshot of my dream locker, which, coincidentally, did not make her cut:

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
LockerLookz is the original brand of high fashion locker decorations with the highest quality products.  We fell in love with the LLZ line of products for their fun selection of on-trend colors and graphic patterns.  Sydney had some concerns going into this locker makeover: one, that it would somehow damage the locker and she would get in trouble; two, that it wouldn't hold up to her daily use; and three, that it wouldn't fit in her tiny locker.  What's great about LLZ is that the products are designed to fit most standard sized lockers, with perforated sections that can be easily removed to accommodate things like hooks.  She was right -- her locker is quite small -- but the grid pattern on the back of the wallpaper made it easy to cut to size.

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
Another plus -- all LLZ products, like this cool storage container and even the wallpaper, attach with super strong magnets so there is no damage to the locker, which makes it super school friendly.  The products all feel really sturdy so I'm sure we'll have no problem with them making it through this school year and then some.  She was most concerned about how the wallpaper would hold up, but it is thick and has almost a vinyl-y feel to it, so I'm sure it will look great for the long haul.

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
Who could resist an LED mini chandelier that has a motion sensor?!  That's my favorite part!!  Sydney was worried about her guy friends teasing her about it, but I just told her to own it!  Be a girly girl and don't worry about silly boys!  Plus, in the afternoon shade her locker will be much darker that it is in these photos.  She'll be glad to have the light.  

You can mix-and-match to create your own original locker design by shopping at Michael's, Staples, A.C.Moore, and Meijer stores.  Now, here's another look at what we started with:

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
And the stunning After photo:

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
So much better, right?!  I, for one, would be super excited about showing up to school on the first day to a locker that was as stylish as my bedroom at home.  That's the beauty of LLZ!  

Design Your Dream Locker with LockerLookz at
Be sure to enter the "Design Your Dream Locker" contest for your chance to win the Grand Prize of a $250 Visa gift card for a back to school shopping spree.  In addition, 1 winner each week will receive their full locker design (8 total winners)!  Contest starts July 5 and ends August 29.  Read the Official contest rules

Here's how to enter:
1. Follow LockerLookz on Instagram.
2. Go to & create your dream locker design using the “Design your OwnLocker” feature.
3. Post your locker design on Instagram using hashtag #LLgirlz and tag @LockerLookz.

Easy cheesy!!  Good luck, guys!

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See what other people are creating with LLZ by LockerLookz:

Hope your school year gets off to a great start!


This post is sponsored by Darice and the Blueprint Social. All opinions are 100% mine.

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