My 3 Monsters: Guest Posting at Tatertots & Jello Today!

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Guest Posting at Tatertots & Jello Today!

DIY carved antler art at Tatertots and Jello by
Hi guys!  After spending the day yesterday dealing with a wicked stomach bug going around my elementary school and getting splattered in the face with vomit {yeah, you read that right}, I am super excited to be sharing a pretty wintery craft project over at Tatertots & Jello today as part of Jen's Happy Holidays series.  I'm telling you, this -- this here blogging and the making of the whatnots -- are what keep me sane. 

This project was extra fun for me because, duh, it was for Tatertots & Jello, my most favorite creative blog. Plus, it is something my 14-year-old son was excited to work on with me.  I drew out the design and he helped me carve it out with a Dremel and stain the wood.  I never imagined my boys would want to share in this whole craft blog experience, so it was sweet time we spent together.  Hop on over to see how we rocked it out!  It's my favorite new Christmas decoration.

DIY carved antler art at Tatertots and Jello by

Have a wonderful, puke-free day, my friends!


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